Department Cars

Our cars

  • BA 15 492: Mercedes - bus (driver + 7 passengers)
  • CG 81 493: Renault Trafic - bus (driver + 8 passengers)
  • CF 86 655: Renault Trafic - bus (driver + 8 passengers)
  • CA 51 841: Renault Scenic - car (driver + 4-6 passengers)

These cars all have a calendar in Outlook where you can check reservations.
Contact the secretariat at for reservation.

Permission to drive?

  • The rules about who can drive the University's cars can be found here.
  • How to get a driving permission for students is described on the Geoscience study portal.

Insurance coverage?

  • Car:
    Driving in Danmark: Covered by Government self-insurance. In case of damage, the expense is apportioned as follows: GEO projects cover damage of up to DKK 10,000, the department covers the rest.
    Projects from other departments cover the entire expense of any damage.
    Going abroad: Be sure to draw a liability insurance before departure.
  • Persons:
    Employees are covered in connection with work-related business - Private drive not allowed.
    Students with a driving permission for study-related activities are covered. No private drive allowed.
    OBS: Students being passengers in the car are not covered and are advised to draw a private insurance.

More information about insurance and persons covered on

Booking of car

  • Contact the secretariat:
  • When booking a car, you MUST inform:
    - Project- and activity number
    - Purpose
    - For non-Geoscience users, information of contact person and billing details is required.
  • Prices:
    - Geoscience staff: Dkr. 5/km
    - Non-Geoscience users: Dkr. 6/km.

Guidelines and useful information concerning department cars

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