Travel booking

When booking your travel, you are free to choose

  • either booking directly with the airline (Notice: NOT an online travel agency!)
  • or use the travel agency, which must be Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT).

All rules must be followed as to

  • always choosingat the cheapest possible travel -
    and if not -
  • justifying the chosen solution.

Further, it is important

  • that you inform your colleagues of travel activities 
  • and use your calendar to register travel destinations.

The latter is important only in cases of force majeure situations (acts of terror, earthquakes etc.) where relevant authorities must be informed.
It is also possible to register on the Danes Abroad List (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark).
Read also - AU Travel Policy

Daily allowances - rules

According to the Ministry of Finance’s circular, only employees on ”ordinary terms” are entitled to daily allowances in connection with business travels.

The following groups do NOT have the same rights:

  • PhD students – all kinds
  • Students employed on temporary contracts
  • Emeriti
  • Guests/voluntary work

However, if they travel on behalf of AU, their documented expenses can be covered up to amounts equal to the official allowances rates.
An exception could be a PhD student assigned a special task including a travel which would  normally be settled according to the allowances rules.
REMEMBER - always agree with your grant holder before you leave how your expenses will be covered.

Be aware that rates differ dependent on destination. See latest allowance rates here (Danish):

98354 / i31