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No. 2 - 8 November 2013

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WELCOME to the second issue of our newsletter.
Typical news we would like to have from you could be about:   

  • PhD defense
  • Events for individuals / centers
  • Research funding

Just some examples. There may be many other things of interest to your colleagues.
Just mind, you send your information to sekretariat@geo.au.dk in time before the next issue of the newsletter.

Upcoming Events


12 November, 13:15
PHD defence - Jane Bang Poulsen

13 November, 14.15
PHD defence - Lars Peter Salmonsen

14 November, 16:15
Inauguration of Charles E. Lesher as Niels Bohr professor in Geoscience

15 November, 08:00 -16:00
Symposium: Grand Challenges in Earth System Petrology
Everyone is invited to attend!

21 November, 10:00 - 15:30 
Geocenter Day 2013
Deadline for registration is Monday 11 November!

This year's Christmas Party for staff members will be on Friday 13 December.!

Of possible interest for Geoscience staff

18 November, 14:15
AIAS Fellows' Seminar
The few-atom problem - Consequences of quantum statistics and dimensionality.

Research / Teaching

Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference 2014, Belfast
Call for papers. Note: deadline 21 November 2013


Requesting tasks in laboratories and workshops 
To make task registration the same for all users, you must now fill in a request form. Find the form here(Danish only)

Changes in the postroom (1672-135) 
- As many have already noticed, the system in the post rack has changed - the order is now alphabetical (surname), yet Emeriti on the top right.
- The rack opposite to the printer now contains all office supplies. Signs on the shelves and drawers should inform you about the contents.

Research Funding

Major grant from from AU IDEAS for funding of a pilot center ”Center for Quantitative Earth Surface Studies”. A group of young scientists from Geosciece and Physics was granted  Dkr 4.9 million to the project. Read here

Horizon 2020 - a new framework programme
Presentation from meeting with the AU Research Support office on 30 October 2013.

WPA - Psychological Workplace Assesment

From our WPA work - to make our workplace a better place to be:

Show your appreciation of your colleagues' work - and welcome your colleagues' appreciation of yours!

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