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No. 3 - 22 November 2013

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Much information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to the local staff website and is unfortunately not yet available in English.

From our WPA work

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Upcoming Events


4. december, kl. 13:15
Geoscience Seminar - Eoin Mcgregor
Onshore-offshore relationships and basin evolution along the west Greenland and conjugate Baffin-Labrador margins

13 December, 11:30
Geoscience Christmas Party  2013
NEW: Registration and payment online!


Den 6. december
Orientation meeting about the Villum Foundation's support opportunities


Reap - Research Ppplication Recording System
As already informed, all project applications must be recorded in the Reap system.
Login and information from Geoscience staff website here


Corrections of Personal Data
Please check your records of address, telephone, building and room number in staff lists and on your personal homeplage. In connection with relocations in the house, much of this information is wrong. Send an email with your corrections to lone@geo.au.dk

Mail Lists
On our staff website you find Information about how to use our Outlook mail lists


Fulbright Danish Visiting Scholar 
Scholarship for a research and teaching stay in USA. Applicants must be Danish citizens.
Deadline: 5 March, 2014

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