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No. 4 - 6 December 2013

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Much information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on the university or department staff websites which are unfortunately not yet available in English

AURORA - the university's new research vessel (photo: Torben Vang, Aarhus University)

Dear Geoscience staff members

After rector's briefing last week about the AU finances and cost reduction plan we all have got a lot to think about.
Nothing I can say can take away your worries. My only advice is: talk with each other or with me, however, if you expect more detailed information, I do not have it
As mentioned AU must save about. 200 million DKK/year. ST's share is a permanent saving of 65 million DKK/year - approx. 43 million DKK in 2014 and the remaining part in 2015.
As I know more, I will let you know.
See the schedule and follow the debate on www.medarbejdere.au.dk/2014.

Søren B. Nielsen

Upcoming Events


6 December, 13:15
Geoscience Seminar - Eoin Mcgregor
Onshore-offshore relationships and basin evolution along the west Greenland and conjugate Baffin-Labrador margins

10 December, 11:00
PhD defence - Andrea Fischel

13 December, 11:30
Geoscience Christmas Party  2013
Register NOW - before it is too late - on https://auws.au.dk/2013_julefrokost


11 December
Horizon 2020 launched
Publication of the work programmes for 2014-15. Keep updated at the new EU portal for Research and Innovation . For AU related support and information on Horizon2020, go to AU staff website.



The VILLUM Foundation - Presentation
A number of researchers joining the meeting with the Villum Foundation on 4 December 2013 showed interest in the presentation slides. They are now available on the Geoscience Staff website.

Active ice sheet led to unstable climate during the Ice Age
Erik Thomsen co-author to publication in Nature Communication


New instrument
January Piotrowski purchased an "Image Analyzer" for FNU means. The instrument is supplied by the German company Sympatec and can measure a number of parameters in particle shape and size. The material must be dry. Particle size can be measured in the range of 0.02-20mm, particle shape can be measured from 0.06 mm.
See more on the manufacturer's website:  http://www.sympatec.com/EN/ImageAnalysis/QICPIC.html

Research vessel "Aurora"
Per Trinhammer has been involved in the design and building process of the university's new research vessel since 2010. More information on the  Geoscience staff website


Vacation Overview
From 2 December 2013 an overview of your registered and your remaining holidays is available on mit.au.dk.
In case of corrections, contact Lene Kjeldsteen lk@science.au.dk. If If you need a guide, See here: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/hr-systemer/auhra/vejledninger/vacationoverview/

News from the Library

Purchase of e-books 
The AU Library License Committee decided to buy access to the following e-book licenses:
1, EBA at Cambridge: (http://blog.journals.cambridge.org/2013/04/cambridge-books-online-reaches-20000-titles/)
2. PDA at  Ebrary with the following subject groups selected: Agriculture, Geography, Medicine, Science and Technology, and language packages in Spanish and French. http://www.ebrary.com/corp/models.jsp)
Further, it is decided in 2014 to order subscription to the following two packages:
- Oxford Scholarship Online, Biology (http://www.oxfordscholarship.com/browse?t1=biology)
- SEG eBooks. (http://library.seg.org/ebooks http://library.seg.org/ebooks)


Registration is open for the University courses for employees of spring 2014.
The courses are open to all staff members at Aarhus University, i.e. technical/administrative staff as well as academic staff are welcome to participate. A number of courses are conducted in English.
More information on AU website: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/hr/competence-development/continuingprofessionaldevelopment/


On behalf of the "Geobold" (Geo-ball) club, one of our students invites also employees to join. Mostly they play football – at this time of the year indoors. Join “Geobold” and show your skills in the sport! - Registration by mail to geobold.geo@gmail.com

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