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No. 5 - 20 December 2013

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Much information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on the university or department staff websites which are unfortunately not yet available in English

FINALLY! - Our changed name is now also visible to the world outside.  (The great moment captured by Bo Holm Jacobsen)

Christmas and New Year

The Christmas holidays are approaching. In this connection a little practical information:

  • All doors to the buildings will be locked from Friday 20 December to Thursday 2 January.
  • All mail, both external and internal, will be collected  during the same period and delivered here on Thursday 2 January 2014.

Despite poor prospects and worries for the coming year, we wish you all


Upcoming Events

25.-26. januar 2014
NOTICE: AU it has announced close-down of all it during the weekend due to maintenance work.

Meeting 19.12.

At the meeting with the scientific staff on Thursday 19th December, it became clear that an increasing challenge is especially the rate of coverage of 1.8 Mkr in 2014, 3.6 Mkr in 2015 and 5.4 Mkr in 2016.
For 2014 we miss about 1.4 Mio DKK. It is evident that no matter which financial model we use for channeling money from external funds to first the department and second the university, it must inevitably influence our conduct in relation to applications.
Discussions during and after the meeting make it clear that we have to differentiate the rate of coverage and overhead in relation to what is possible.
The previsously distributed mini-guide includes good information as to what  can be included in the budget at the different funds.
I thank you for a lively debate at the meeting and later discussions and would like to emphasize that all good suggestions are welcome as to how these primarily external challenges can be met.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Søren B. Nielsen


Grant of millions to ensure clean water 
A collaboration between SkyTEM Surveys and Aarhus University  has been awarded a grant of DKK 15 million from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation to develop advanced technology for mapping groundwater stores.

The battle for one hundred years
Walter Friedrich has contributed to a new book about the dating of the volcanic eruption on Santorini. Read more on the staff website.


After the November call for applications, the PHD school GSST has announced that three candidates have been offered admission to the PhD program in Geoscience. The potential supervisors are Christian Cartoons, Mads F. Knudssen and Thomas Ulrich.


Ny version af PURE
Version 4.17.1 primarily contains bug fixes for recent versions.Read more about what new updates may mean to you: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/pure/arkiv/new-features-in-version-4.17.1/

Deadlines in connection with closing of the financial year

Purchase Invoices
6/1-2014        Deadline for sending foreign purchase invoices to kreditorhotline@adm.au.dk 
8/1-2014        Deadline for sending purchase invoices to you as a requisitioner in IndFak
10/1-2014       Deadline for receiving goods in IndFak

AURUS settlements
8/1-2014         Deadline for registering settlements in AURUS
Please note that all travels made in 2013, and all goods purchased and delivered in 2013, must be registered within the deadline above. They cannot be settled later in 2014. Likewise, travels made in 2014, and all goods purchased and delivered in 2014, can only be settled in 2014.

Sales invoices and internal trade
8/1-2014         Deadline for sending necessary details to Economy ST in order for us to make a sales invoice

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