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No. 2/2014 - 24 January 2014

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff websites which are unfortunately not yet available in English

Christian Tegner and Swedish/Russian scientists in Eastern Siberia, August 2013. (Photo: Christian Tegner)

Upcoming Events


28 February - 1 March
Geoscience Student Symposium Aarhus 2014
Geoscience employees are welcome to attend Saturday's lectures and join the lunch. Detailed programme will be announced later.


25 January
NOTICE: AU systems and services closed down.


Psychological Councelling Service
In connection with the economic difficulties, AU offers external psychological counselling to all employees.  Consultation is either on referral or anonymous.
Do you feel mentally affected by the current situation and is interested in counselling, you can find additional information on the website.

Maternaty Leave
Our HR consultant, Margrethe Vejs-Petersen, will be away on maternity leave from 29 January. Miichael Kærgaard will take during her leave.


Professor Paul Andrew Ferré (called Ty)
Ty is visiting us for the next six months from the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Arizona.  He works on unsaturated flow, coupling geophysics and hydrology, and using models to support decision making.  His office is 319 in building 1120.  Feel free to stop by to talk about research or just to help him try to learn Danish!


Alexandra Fogtmann-Schultz - New PHD student 1 February
Alexandra presents herself:
I finished my BSc in physics in summer 2012 and started my Master's degree programme in astronomy, of which I have now completed one year and start a four-year PhD programme.
I just published my first article in The Astrophysical Journal, authored in cooperation with a number of people from Stellar Astrophysics Centre at Aarhus University. The article is based on my bachelor thesis, dealing with exoplanets, and specifically analyzing the Kepler-10 system with two planets orbiting an old star.

Research / Research funding

New book shows eighty years of climate change viewed from the air
A new book with before and now photos of Greenland shows how glaciers and the ice sheet have changed during the last eighty years. The book was produced with the participation of i.a. Nicolaj Krog Larsen, Geoscience.

Workshop: Writing an application for a postdoc grant at the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF)
On 25 February, the AU Research Support Office hosts a workshop which can help those planning to apply for a postdoc grant at DFF in the spring 2014.
Read more and register here.

Funding for Russian students studying abroad
New possibilities of financial support to talented young Russian students. So far AU has had no formal cooperation agreements with Russian institutions, and our knowledge to this new program is still limited. However, if any of you collaborates with Russian scientists, ST is prepared to help you developing both general and specific agreements regarding MSc and PhD students.
Read the description of the program.


Information from Tine Legarth Iversen:
As previous informed (newsletter 2014/1):
Deadline for registration in PURE is 1st February - for all publications and activities in 2013.

  • Automatic scan for new publications
    Maybe you already know about the possibility of being automatically informed from i.a. Copus and Pubmed (not yet Web of Science) about new publications. See PURE video guide: "How to set up scan for publications in online sources".
  • Is the publication registered already?
    To avoid duplicates, search the publication before registration.
  • Use data from the central database
    To ensure the publication gives credit, search for persons, journals and publishers in the central database.
  • DOI and links
    Add DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or links to articles/abstracts, to enable open access. 
  • Help
    For more guidance, see PURE website – or contact me.

AU Library

User-controlled purchase of e-books
AU Library has already purchased access to approx. 7,500 e-books from Cambridge University Press and publicity, and by 1 January we are now given access to approx. 21,000 e-books from the Ebrary platform by ProQuest. These are titles published from 2010 up till now, including subjects within science and technology.
Duration of the experiment depends on available funds. When a title is opened by a user, for more than 10 minutes, it automatically triggers a purchased, and when the available funds are used, the experiment will stop. So if you are interested in a book, hurry up and use it for no more than 10 minutes to be sure that you will have access to the book also in future.


Our ST communication partner, Mette Helm, will be away on maternity leave from 26 February.
Christina Troelsen will take over during Mette’s leave and will in time be gradually introduced to the job.

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