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No. 7/2014 - 11 April 2014

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff websites which are unfortunately not yet available in English


Upcoming Events

(from the calendar on Geoscience staff pages)   

23 april, 14:15
GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - by Thorsten Nagel, Universität Bonn
Two tales of continental crust: Formation and Subduction


On Friday, April 25, the new university research vessel will be officially named at a ceremony attended by the minister for the environment, Kirsten Brosbøl.
Employees at departments of Bioscience and Geoscience are specially invited to this event. In the following weekend 26 - 27 April, the ship will be be open to the public, both days between 11:00 and 14:00.


New employee at NLL, Risø
Eun-Young Yeo is from April 1st employed by the laboratory at NLL, Risø. Eun-Young is from Korea, where she has worked with luminescense dating for 5 years in a similar laboratory. At NLL she will work with geological and archaeological samples, such as sediments, stones and potsher.


"Danmarks Geologipris"
Christian Tegner has been awarded the Danish Geoscience Prize 2013 for his studies of igneous rocks in the Skærgaard intrusion in East Greenland and other areas in the North Atlantic.


New guidelines for insurance at AU and Geoscience
From April 4, 2014 there are new guidelines for travel and work insurance at the department.
Changes affect mainly students, non-employed PhD students and emiriti.
More information is available on the Danish staff webpages. A translation in English is being prepared.


Teacher training programme (in English) for assistant professors and postdocs
The programme is organised by the AU Educational Network.
Application deadline is 25 April 2014 via link in the invitation letter or via http://upnet.au.dk/en/teacher-training-programme-in-english/efteraar-2014/
Further information on http://upnet.au.dk/en/teacher-training-programme-in-english/

International PhD Course - Decision Support for Water Resources management
The course takes place from May 19 to 23 at DTU. Among lecturers is prof. Ty P.A. Ferré who is visiting professor at Geoscience at present.
Registration: Deadline 1st May 2014.
Read more on DTU website


Urgent request to all users of Geoscience laboratory
In connection with reconstruction of the laboratory and the reduced staff, an optimized planning in connection with the the use of lab and resources is required.
Therefore - Please notify Charlotte well in advance as soon as you know when and how much work you need.
This is to ensure a professional and optimized service to all users under the new conditions.
It is important that you keep yourself updated with the latest calculated price for a service - ask Charlotte.
As far as at all possible, the lab will try to meet urgent tasks with a high priority, but it will be a challenge in future to complete tasks with very short deadlines. If you have an urgent job, you may try to change priorities.

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