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No. 11/2014 - 29 August 2014

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff websites which are unfortunately not yet available in English

Upcoming Events

(from the calendar on Geoscience staff pages)   

15 September 2014
PhD defence - Babak Hejrani

26. September 2014
Late Summer Party
for employees and students

Research / Research Support

The Research Support Office - Events and Workshops Autumn 2014 
There are still places available on the following workshops in Aarhus:

  • September 9 - Postdoctoral Grant (ST) DFF
  • November 26 - Writing successful Grant Applications (English)

For more information/registration - go to: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/researchandtalent/research-support/

News from the "Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen" (Funding and Innovation Agency) - E-grant
When receiving a grant from the Agency, the grant holder as well as the project administrator must be sure to be registered users of E-grant. Go to www.e-grant.dk.

Interested in cooperation with Chinese researchers?
Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai, has just released the fourth version of "Funding Guide for Danish Researchers, Collaborating with China".
The guide provides an overview of Danish, European and Chinese support for researchers at Danish institutions wishing to collaborate with Chinese colleagues.
The guide provides a quick overview of the current programs and deadlines, as well as links to the official calls for applications.
Provides wizard or individual funding opportunities have any questions, please feel free to contact attache Lars Christensen on Innovation Centre at
larsch@um.dk / +86 21 6085 2003 / +86 139 1698 8621

New Head of Studies at Geoscience

From 1 September 2014 Mads Faurschou Knudsen is new head of studies, replacing Bent Odgaard.


New head of PHD programme
From 1 September 2014 Steen Christensen is new head of PHD programme Geoscience, replacing Jan Piotrowski.

New PHD students

Pradip Kumar Maurya -
Start: 1 August 2014 - Supervisor: Esben Auken.
Pradip introduces himself.
"My name is Pradip Kumar Maurya, I am a phd student in Hydrogeophysics group working in DCIP , I am from India and have my master degree  in applied geophysics from Indian institute of Technology , Roorkee. Currently I am working in project called GEOCON where I am suppose to find the relation between geophysical data to ground water contamination."

Tue Jensen Boesen -
Start: 15 August 2014 - Supervisor: Esben Auken.
Tue introduces himself:
"I have a master in physics, and have previously worked as a software developer for the HGG group, but ended up leaving them for a position as a graduate analyst in Danske Bank. Now I'm back to do a PhD in the area of 3D modelling of the underground by EM-fields.

My name is Jonas Møller Pedersen; I’m 24 years old and a bachelor of science in geology at the department of geoscience, Aarhus University.  My academic focus is primarily petrology, geochemistry, and ore geology. My PhD is about volatile and metal behavior related to rifting and the opening of the North Atlantic

Daniel Skov
Start: 1. august 2014
Vejleder: David Lundbek Egholm

Niklas Stausberg -
Started 1 April. After spending the first months with his supervisor, Charles Lesher,  in Davis, US, he arrived in DK in July.
Niklas introduces himself: "After studying geology in Freiburg, Germany, and doing a masters in geochemistry in Utrecht, Netherlands, I decided to pursue a PhD at Aarhus university. Now, I am part of the petrology group and working on Fe stable isotope fractionation in magmatic systems. As our group cooperates with UC Davis on this project, I will spend a good portion of my first year away from Aarhus in the US."


Changed regulations for travel insurance and industrial injury coverage
For both, coverage is the same for staff and emeriti.
More information on staff website: Quickguide  Insurance

Internal Mail Service

Changes in Internal Mail service from 4 August, 2014
For Internal Mail the cost savings have resulted in a reduced staff  - and consequently also reduced services.
In future they deliver and pick up mail only once a day - at Geoscience around 09:30 a.m.
For more information, read the notice in room 1672-135.


Guidelines for booking of department cars
For booking of a car, always contact the secretariat: sekretariat@geo.au.dk.
And still, remember project and activity number!

Facilities for students

New solution for students' prints and copies
We are in the process of installation a new printer for students. It will be located in room 1671-036.
Expected start of the new solution: 12 September.
The students have been informed through internal notices, email and on the students subject portal: Practical information > Copying and printing.

New study rooms
We are in the process of establishing new study rooms for both bachelor and master students writing their thesis.:
The following rooms will soon be available for the students:

  • Room 1671-134 - Study room for Bachelor students
  • Room 1672-142 - Study room for Master students
  • Rooms 1671-012, -014 and -024:
    Canteen and/or study area

More information on students subject portal: Practical information > Rooms

Calendars 2015

If you want to have a calendar for 2015, please contact the secretariat: sekretariat@geo.au.dk - before 1 October

Sun Blinds

Request from campus service staff:
Please, draw back all the yellow sun blinds by the end of the day!!

News from the Library

New on the database list:
SEG eBooks (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) - E-books within the field of Applied Geophysics..

Nyt open access journal:
GeoResJ - The new online only, open access, peer reviewed journal - GeoResJ is a broad multidisciplinary online journal covering all earth and planetary science fields, processes and components, through diverse approaches (eg fieldwork, modelling/theoretical and experimental studies). The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for the rapid publication of the best original research in the field. More information here.

Newsletters on the web.
This and all previous newsletters are available also on the Geoscience staff webpages http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/ - There is a direct link from the entry page.

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