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No. 14/2014 - 24 October 2014

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff websites which are unfortunately not yet available in English

The Problem Analysis and Proposed Solutions

Keep updated on the ongoing process by following this image/link on the staff webpage: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en.

Dear employees

On Wednesday 22/10, the university management by rector Brian Bech Nielsen presented the decisions taken as a result of the problem analysis.

On Tuesday 28 October at 13-15  in Auditorium E, building 1533 (Mathematics), Dean Niels Christian Nielsen will present decisions significant to ST and the plans of the faculty management to ensure follow-up and implementation. You are all invited to attend this meeting.
For our colleagues at NLL Risø there is a similar meeting in Roskilde on Monday. 27 of October at 10-12 in the canteen.

On Wednesday 29 October at 11-12: 30, we have a joint meeting in the auditorium at Geoscience. Here we will initiate local processes to follow up on university management decisions.

I would like to encourage everyone to contribute to the coming processes to realize the decisions in versions that we find best suitable for the Department of Geoscience.

Søren B. Nielsen
Head of Department

Upcoming Events

(from the calendar on Geoscience staff pages)   

29 October 2014, 11:00-12:30
Joint Department Meeting - For all staff and PHD students

5 November 2014, 14:15
GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - by Dr. Derek Schutt, Colorado State University

19 November 2014, 15:15
GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - byThorsten Nagel, Institut for Geoscience.

19 December 2014
Note the date in your calendar!

Printer News

New printer installed in room 1672-129 (former library)

We expect all employees will soon be able to use the new printer including special functions, such as "print to box" and scan to email. You will be informed when it is ready, and detailed information will be available on the staff website.
When the new printer is in full operation, the remaining shared printers in 1671-229 og 1672-227.
will be cut. Room 1672-129 will be changed to operate as a new mailroom /workspaces for employees, probably over the next few weeks.

Research / Research Support

From Anya B. Vinstrup, fundraiser, we received the following information: 

"For the coming DFF deadline there are some challenges with the online system (e-grant). Please be aware of the following:

Regarding Appendix “Confirmation - hosting institution“ (b40) under the section Attach Appendices
The part of the list of mandatory application appendices where it states that: “A written statement from the hosting institution in the country where the project will take place, confirming that the project can be carried out as planned, including a short description of the nature of the collaboration and the central activities to be carried out during the stay. If the project activities will take place outside of Denmark, a CV for the scientific host must also be enclosed”
has been replaced with (revised 22.09.2014): “If the entire project, or significant parts of it, has a host institution (actual place where the research activities will be carried out) which differs from the institution administering the grant, a written statement from the host institution must be included. The statement must confirm that the activities can take place at the host institution and include a brief discussion of the extent of the cooperation and the main activities planned”
In the E-grant application system the appendix “Confirmation - hosting institution“ (b40) under the section Attach Appendices must be attached to be able to submit the application.
If the place of the research activities differs from the institution administering the grant you must complete and attach the abovementioned appendix.
However, if the place of the research activities and the institution administering the grant are one and the same you merely need to upload the appendix stating “appendix not relevant”.
Place of employment
All applicants having initiated their application prior to the 15th of Oct. there is an error regarding the information given under the place of employment IF current place of employment, future place of employment, administration and actual place of research are NOT identical . This will affect the generated pdf-version – but will not affect your application as the correct information is still stored in the system.
Further information on operational status, technical FAQ and known issues about the system can be found here: http://ufm.dk/en/research-and-innovation/funding-programmes-for-research-and-innovation/e-grant."


Administrative partners

Our administrative partners are asjed to spend some time at Geoscience once a week.
Tina Veirup from AU Studies Administration started in week 43, and from now you can meet her every Tuesday from 9 to 11 a.m. in room 1672-123. Please welcome her!


Payment of teaching materiale

If you hand out copy sets of textbooks as teaching materials to the students, they must pay for it.
Use online payment with link from the students subject portal.  Ask the secretariat to arrange this.
Alternatively, you can upload a PDF file of the relevant pages to AULA (later Blackboard), and it will be available to the students for download and print.


New controller
From 20 October Susanna Holm Nielsen is officially our new controller, replacing Thomas Lykke. From now you must send department related economic matters to her.

Mailing lists

Due to some misunderstandings recently concerning our internal maillists, we want to emphasize:
There is no list covering both staff and students!
To send the same message to both groups, you must use two lists:
1. ansatte.GEO@list.au.dk (all employees including PhD students)
2. stud.geo@maillist.au.dk (all students)
More information about our mail lists on the staff homepage > Quickguide A-Aa/Mail lists.

Staff Webpages - News

As part of a general design adjustment and a better usability of the AU staff pages we have made some local changes on the geoscience staff pages: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en.

  • The Quick Guide A-Aa has moved to the entry page and includes new drop down menus under each alphabet groups. 
  • In the right column, you find to the AU Staff Service index. 
    If you cannot find a subject using the Quick Guide, try here. 
  • There are direct links to logon to the AU systems. 
  • In the right column is a so-called contact box - where you can quickly find our administrative partners.

AU Communication strongly recommends staff to make the local staff page the primary home page for searching internal AU information!


IT systems update

AU IT has planned update of the systems over the weekend

     15-16 November 2014

and a number of AU's IT systems will close down. 
On http://driftstatus.au.dk/en/ you can follow operating status and which systems are affected during the weekend.


Purchase of IT equipment

When ordering IT equipment, please use the web shop:

If problems with delayed delivery times, the reason might well be ...

  • that you order by email rather than directly in the webshop.
    All purchases must be recorded in the Webshop as further billing is based on the information there.
  • lack of or inadequate information in your webshop order.
  • that you order a special product. 
    Some have 2-3 weeks extra delivery time (in rare cases up to 6-8 weeks, e.g. the touch book from Blue Line)

Items and prices are updated and AU IT is constantly working to expand and improve the system. If you have suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to contact Søren Christensen, AU IT.


The rebuilding of labs in build. 1674 will start in 4 weeks
The process of constructing our new clan-lab facilities is now on track. We expect the workers to start up the process in the last week of november.
Please contact Søren M. Kristiansen in case you have any questions concerning the rebulding.


Training Laboratory - New Status
Training Laboratory 1672-242 has changed to be a "normal" laboratory, meaning that it can no longer be booked in Outlook, nor used as an ordinary classroom. Yet, activities booked before 01.10.14 are accepted.
The room may still be used for educational purposes in connection with relevant laboratory instruction. However, booking is necessary through Charlotte Rasmussen (charlotte.rasmussen@geo.au.dk).

New meeting room

The meeting room has moved from 1672-120 to 1672-114. It is registered in the calendar with the new room number.

Newsletters on the web.
This and all previous newsletters are available also on the Geoscience staff webpages http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/ - There is a direct link from the entry page.

The newsletter is published by Department of Geoscience and is not possible to be unsubscribed from