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No. 4/2015 - 13 March 2015

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

R/V Katundu, Chipoka, Malawi
Per Trinhammer is currently working on board this ship on Lake Malawi

Upcoming Events

(see also the calendar on Geoscience staff pages)   

17 March
"Gymnasielærerdag" - annual inspiration day for high-school teachers

25 March
GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - Dr. Sarah Lambart, Columbia University


19 June
ST Faculty Summer Party
Mark your calendar!

Staff / Guests

Nicolas Van Nieuwenhove, postdoc
Originally I am from Belgium, I did my PhD in Kiel (Germany) and arrived in Aarhus after spending 3 years as a postdoc in Montreal (Canada). I will work with Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz on the late Holocene paleoceanography of the North Atlantic Ocean south of Iceland, using dinoflagellate cysts and other microfossils to reconstruct upper ocean conditions and climate variability over the last few thousands of years.

Lara Brown, programme coordinator
While I originally come from Ireland, I spent the past ten years in the US, before moving to Aarhus.  After completing my PhD in California, I worked as the curator and later also as the director of the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals, in Oregon.  I enjoy teaching in non-traditional settings.  I write children's earth science books and maintain a website for earth science educational activities.  I look forward to applying the outreach and administrative skills from my time at the Museum here in Aarhus as the new Program Coordinator for the Niels Bohr Professorship.
I am married to Eric, and we have a two-and-a-half year old son, Declan.

Derek Schutt, visiting researcher
Derek is a seismologist and geophysicist interested in integrating geophysics, seismology, petrology, and geochemistry to quantitatively constrain the physical properties--such as temperature, composition, and degree of melting--in the crust and upper mantle to understand its evolution and strength.    Recent research of his has looked at the effects of mantle compositional variations on seismic velocities as well as  structures and physical state within the lithosphere and asthenosphere using surface waves, body waves, ambient noise, and shear-wave splitting. 
Derek will be in Aarhus through June, working with the Earth System Petrology group on new ways to integrate petrology and geochemistry to understand seismological observations.

Staff / Committees

New: Business Committee
According to a faculty management decision all departments shall appoint a business committee with the object of increasing dialogue and collaboration with the private business sector.
Geoscience committee members are:
Esben Auken (Chairman), Thomas Ulrich and Ole Rønø Clausen, who all have strong external business relations.

Occupational Health and safety committees and groups
Recently there were elections for the health and safety organisation. Members appear from the staff website.


PHD Office work places
The PHD students take over the allocation of work places in the PHD offices, building 1671. Contact person is Thue Bording


Are the students doing well?
We have been contacted by the university chaplains who want to draw our teachers' attention to the possibility of referring to them in case they observe students who seem to have personal problems / are in crisis and might need a confidential conversation.
More information on the university website: http://studerende.au.dk/en/counselling/studentwelfare/help-is-at-hand/university-chaplains/


Microscopy Room
A new microscopy room for students (approx. 10) is established in 1672-338. It is to be used in connection with petrological/mineralogical and micropalaeontological studies primarily by students working with PHD, graduate or undergraduate projects. Not to be used by groups - nor students as a workplace in general.

The Working Environment Authority (WEA)

As announced by mail to all employees on 4 March, we expect a WEA inspection visit some time between 4 March and 4 June. To be prepared for this, it is important that you read and note the information given in this mail.

Building site - Høegh Guldbergsgade 10

Once again we have been informed about ongoing noisy work on the building site, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 10 - the new biomedicin building. Further information: http://www.cubo.dk/auhealth/

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