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Geoscience Newsletter

No. 6/2015 - 17 April 2015

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

Upcoming Events

(see also the calendar on Geoscience staff pages)   

18-19 April
AU IT services unavailable due to check-up of installations.

22 April, 11:00 a.m.
Final examination for the Master's Degree - Thomas Ladebo Rasmussen

30 April
Geoscience Day - for scientific staff and students


Other dates to remember:

16 June
Geoscience - annual excursion for staff mambers

19 June
Faculty summer party ST
To be held in Aarhus and Roskilde. Further information/registration will follow soon.

Teacher training programme

The AU Educational Development Network invites assistant professors and postdocs to register for the Teacher Training Programme in English 2015. For further information and registration, go to: http://upnet.au.dk/teacher-training-programme-in-english/.  It is also possible to join the Danish programme. Deadline: 29 April 2015.

Summer School at Santorini

The Geology Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki organizes a Summer School in the Greek island Santorini from 15 to 20 June 2015. The programme should be of interest to both PHD students, postdocs and researchers. See announcement.

Danish Science Week

Lectures Wanted!
When the Danish Science Week kicks off in September, skilled speakers are required for the "Science pays a visit" scheme, where you visit primary schools, upper secondary schools and libraries, etc. This call applies to both researchers and students.
Further information: http://scitech.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/currently/news/show/artikel/foredragsholdere-soeges-til-dansk-naturvidenskabsfestival/


Don't forget your prints!
There is a big waste of materials from the printer in room 1672-129. People apparently forget they sent jobs to the printer, and a lot of printed documents are never picked up.
Keep in mind you have the option of "Secure print" - saving your jobs in the machine until you have the possibility to go to the printer room and print all jobs from your folder.
All uncollected  prints are put on the small table next to the printer, but if still unclaimed after a while they are thrown out.

Newsletters on the web.
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