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No. 8/2015 - 12 June 2015

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

Lene, Trine and Charlotte at sea!
On Monday 1 June, some employees joined a boat trip on AURORA
arranged by Bioscience

Upcoming Events

(see also the calendar on Geoscience staff pages)   

16 June
Field excursion for staff

19 June, 13.00
Qualifying Exam - PhD student Adrian S. Barfod

22 June, 13.15
Final exam for the Master's degree - Bjørn Peder Maarupgaard

23 June, 13.15
Qualifying Exam - PhD student Sofie Vej Ugelvig

From ST calendar

19 June
ST Summer Party

News and Media

After publication in Nature Communications of research results related to a SkyTEM mapping of Antarctica, the US National Science Foundation has produced a video about the project work. Watch it here on YouTube.

Research / Research Support

The AU Research Support Office has previously developed and now updated the so-called Pixibog for using in the recovery of fixed costs in connection with applications on external research funding, focusing on known grants relevant to our research, including Det Frie Forskningsråd (DFF, Danish Council for Independent Research), Danmarks Grundforskningsfond (DG, Danish National Research Foundation and EU (H2020).
See the Pixibog here.


Student assistance for secretariat jobs
A few students are available 2 x 2 hours per week for jobs usually not covered by the secretariat, e.g. major copying jobs and  shipments. As the students’ working hours fluctuate depending on exam and field work, it is advisable to contact the secretariat in due time to organize the work in the best possible way.


Guest Researchers
If you are going to have an international guest researcher, please contact/involve the secretariat as soon as you know about it. We can help starting-up the individual cases through the International Centre, make the necessary registration to get access to the AU systems, find a suitable office etc.
We want to welcome our guests in a good way, and with a little information from you and your guest, we can prepare the visit and be ready with most things even before he/she arrives.


New department car
Our largest car, the "VB", is worn out, and the executive committee has decided to invest in a new car.
As from many sides it has been suggested to reduce the number of cars, we plan in the long term to have fewer cars of our own and to rent some when we need many vehicles and when travelling abroad.


Indfak2 - A new invoicing system
A new system is about to be opened, which among other things means a new interface and new terms.
NOTICE the following important dates:

  • june 12:
    Last day for receipt of invoices in the old system.
  • June 16:
    All invoices shall be processed and sent for approval by that date at 14:00.
  • June 17:
    You will receive a personal email with login information and links to manuals for Indfak2.

More info: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/oekonomi/menu2/indfak/

Building service

Service at Geoscience
Per Kristensen has left, and from 9 June another substitute (Willy ) will for some months be the "Blue Man" affiliated to Geoscience.
Contact concerning assistance from Building Services must still be done by mail to: STBYG2service.okoplan@au.dk

Trash bins
For some time, as part of the saving plan, the cleaning staff is no longer responsible for emptying trash bins in our offices every day. We must do it ourselves. - The good news is: It works! We have been informed that 8 man-years have been saved on this account.


When contacting IT Support with a problem, it is often a good idea to suggest the use of Teamviewer which gives remote access to your computer. We hope that, In many cases, it will reduce an unnecessarily long mail correspondence and a long case history. If you do not know Teamviewer or have the program installed already, you can download it and get more information here.

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