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No. 11/2015 - 5 October 2015

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

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Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

7 October, 13:15
Geoscience Seminar - Prof. Craig Lundstrom, University of Illinois

9 October, 13 - 15
PhD defence - Christian Fredborg Brædstrup

New employees - presentation

Thomas Nielsen
Our new fundraiser and international coordinator
Office: 1672-123

Presentation – see Danish version.

Rasmus Andreasen
Office: 1672-234

Presentation – see Danish version.


Tian Yang – guest PHD student from 1 October.
Tian Yang is from China and will stay at Geoscience for one year. His office is in building 1671, ground floor. Supervisor:: Henrik Friis.

During October/November we await another two Chinese guests to arrive here and stay with us for 1 year and 2 years, respectively.

Research / Research Support

Mentor scheme
The purpose of the AU mentor cheme "Empower Talent" is to contribute to supporting and developing the professional and personal career potential of the academic staff.
Next deadline for registration - for both mentors and mentees - will be October 23, 2015.
Read more at www.au.dk/en/empowertalent

REAP support
Support is now available from your project finance administrator to register your research applications and results in REAP (Registration is required, no matter whether you get a grant or not!). Agree with him/her how to do this job in the easiest possible way.


New Controller 
Thomas Lund Hansen has now taken over the controller job for Geoscience after Susanna Holm Nielsen.
Thomas will be available at Geoscience in our partner office 1672-232 every Wednesday morning, starting Wednesday 7 October.

Project finance administrator with office hours at Geoscience
Rana Elahmad will be available at Geoscience in the  partner office 672-232 every Wednesday from 9 to 15.30. So, if Rana is your project finance administrator, it is now possible to have a direct talk with her about your grants and registrations in REAP.


Local IT support at Geoscience: 
Dan Guldberg from IT-Support will from now on be available at Geoscience every Thursday 9-12, starting Thursday 8 October. You will find him in the partner office 1672-232 - if not helping with a problem elsewhere in the building.

Info from IT-Support:
Being very busy right after semester start, IT-support has a number of unsolved cases. So if you have opened a case some time ago and find that nothing happens, they encourage you to send a reminder.

Order your IT equipment in time, preferably before 1 November, if you want to deduct the expenses from you 2015 budget.


ST Communication
After recent changes in ST Communication, we have the following contact possibilities when needing assistance for a communication job:

  • Press release
    Christina Troelsen (cts@au.dk), contact for Geoscience
  • Other jobs
    Lene Kjeldsteen (lk@geo.au.dk), communication coordinator for Geoscience.
    Can advise you how to have the job done soonest possible.


Grethe Storgaard is now purchasing coordinator for Geoscience.
Contact Grethe (grethe@geo.au.dk), if you
-  have questions about purchasing – or
-  need special assistance, also in connection with the many university purchase agreements


In future, Geoscience is authorized to handle and partially transmit / receive soil which may contain undesirable biological material (eg. plant diseases or undesirable seeds) to / from abroad. We must therefore ensure the handling of any imported soil.
Consequently, we will regularly be checked by the Authorities whether we comply with our obligations. For proper handling and questions about which countries we may send to / receive from, contact Søren Munch Kristiansen..


The building guide
Notice that our "building guide" in the hall, building 1670, is now updated to match the different present and planned locations of departments/laboratories in the building complex.

New projectors

  • In all regular teaching and meeting rooms projectors will be replaced in week 42.
  • Renovation of the auditorium is scheduled in week 47

We are working on finding other rooms for teaching in week 47.

Election 2015

The 2015 elections have officially begun, and the election circular and schedule have been posted at www.au.dk/valg. The Election Secretariat would like to remind you that it will soon be time to nominate candidates for election to the Aarhus University Board, the academic councils, the boards of studies and the PhD committees.
It is important that enough candidates and substitutes are nominated to fill all seats on all collegial bodies.
Insufficient student representation on councils and committees
In previous elections, a number of academic councils and boards of studies have been without student representatives because no one stood for election.
There are many possible reasons for this lack of representation, but in the experience of the Election Secretariat, one contributing factor is the fact that students submit their lists of candidates too late for any errors in them to be corrected, which means that it has often been necessary to declare the lists invalid.
All eligible voters will receive a mail with information about the election, including guidelines for nominating candidates. In addition, the Election Secretariat will en-courage directors of study and student counsellors to draw students' attention to the election and to the option of submitting lists of candidates well in advance of the deadline, in order to avoid the lack of student representatives on as many councils and boards as possible this year.
Nomination forms are available at www.au.dk/valg. There is a detailed guide to filling out the nomination forms. A guide to nominating candidates can also be found in the election rules, which are also available on the website.
The Election Secretariat can also provide guidance up until the deadline for nomina-tions. Contact the Election Secretariat at 8715 3325 or valg@au.dk


New Research Committee

  • David Egholm (chairman)
  • Thorsten Nagel (Deep Earth)
  • Jan Piotrowski (Surface)
  • Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz (Climate)
  • Andrew Murray (Chronology)
  • Ole Rønø Clausen (Basin geophysics)
  • Esben Auken (Hydrogeophysics)
  • Søren Bom Nielsen (Head)
  • Niels Balling (Deep geophysics)
  • Nicolaj Krog Larsen (Surface, climate)
  • Christian Tegner (Deep Earth)

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