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No. 12/2015 - 13 November 2015

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

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Danish poem by Henrik Nordbrandt: "The Year has 16 Months"

Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpagesDen

14-15 November
NOTE: AU's IT systems and IT services will be put out of operation shortly in this weekend.
See plan for the weekend here.

23 November, 13.30
PhD defence - Christina Sheldon

24 November, 17-19
DGF (Geological Society of Denmark) meeting at Gescience - with two lectures in Danish

4 December, 14.15
Inaugural lecture - Honorary Associate Professor Peter Thy, University of California, Davis.


Stephane Bodin - New associste professor in sedimentology from 1 November 2015
A presentation will follow in the next newsletter.

Peter Thy - Honorary Associate Professor from 1. april 2015
Presentation: Peter Thy has worked for many years with members of the Earth System Petrology group. We are pleased to announce that this partnership has been reinforced through Peter’s recent appointment as Honorary Associate Professor in Igneous Petrology at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University. Peter earned a PhD from Aarhus University (1982). His research includes the igneous petrology of basalts and gabbros, the petrogenetic origin and magmatic evolution of ophiolites and spreading centers, and experimental studies of phase equilibria, magma/lava evolution, melting relations and the formation of ash and slag from biomass combustion and gasification. Peter has spent field seasons in Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Cyprus, Botswana and Turkey
and participated in several ocean drilling expeditions. Peter’s most recent published work identifies the origins of scoria droplets from Pleistocene and Holocene archaeological sites in northern Syria as anthropogenic, casting doubt on the impact hypothesis proposed for the extinction of mammals.


Applications for AUFF grants
After some time of confusion about who should assist with budgets in connection with applications to AUFF, it is now clarified that you may contact your project finance administrator.

New Fast Track standard agreements with external partners
AU Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer (former TTO) has introduced a range of new initiatives starting 1 November 2015, among these some new Fast Track standard agreements.
Agreements can be downloaded here: http://tto.au.dk/mest-til-forskere/fast-track-aftaler/fast-track-research-collaboration-st-and-health-non-clinical/
A contact person has been appointed for each department. Our contact is Claus Palle, cpa@au.dk - 87135239.
New projects and/or agreements should still be sent to tto@au.dk.

PhD partner

Maternaty Leave
Our PhD partner Nanna M.E. Pedersen is on maternity leave starting 1 November. In her absence Charlotte Kahlen Steffensen takes over her duties in relation to Geoscience.
Contact: e-mail charlotte.steffensen@au.dk - tel. 87151243 or 51442673.


New Contact Librarian
After 10 years at Geoscience, our librarian Tine Legarth Iversen, will change workplace and from 1 December be contact librarian for Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.
A new librarian will be employed by AU Library as soon as possible to take over Tine's job, including the function as contact librarian at Geoscience. We hope the service will remain unchanged.


In a recent newsletter we presented AU’s new travel policy a. However, it should be emphasized that

  • you are ALLOWED to book your flights directly from the airlines, but
  • your are NOT ALLOWED to use any other travel agencies than CWT – meaning:
    DO NOT USE: flybillet.dk / Travellink.dk / Tripsta.dk - they are all online travel agencies!

However, it is OK to use a search engine, e.g.

  • Momondo.dk - searching across airlines, travel sites and low cost carriers to find the best flight tickets and direct you for free to the companies that sell them.

See the AU travel policy here: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/transport-and-procurement/travels/

Travel Insurance in USA
In connection with long stays in USA, be aware that conditions may be different in different states.
Specific information is available on: http://pav.perst.dk/Publikation/Tjenesterejser.aspx?showContent=1.  In this paper (Danish only) is a special section "Særligt om USA" - -to be found under paragraph

AU insurance

As teacher/supervisor you should be aware that students are generally not covered by AU insurance - not even on field trips/excursions or studies in laboratories.
The importance of having a private full-time accident and liability insurance has often been pointed out to the students - but maybe you better ask before you leave on fieldwork together!


Changes in building services organization

From 1 November, Geoscience moves from building service area STBYG2 to STBYG6.
Contact information:
- Email: STBYG6service.okoplan@au.dk
- New building inspector: Michael Kjær Therkildsen  - mkt@au.dk, Cell phone: 2043 3830

We can still for some time contact Willy Kristensen, STBYG2

Working environment

An appeal
Both large and minor problems have been reported In connection with the physical APV 2015, and work is now going on with registration and solution plans to these problems. However - remember that in everyday life, many cases can be resolved quickly and easily if you use our own occupational health and safety organization. You are always welcome to contact your working environment representative if you need help. To see who are currently represented in the committees and groups, go to the staff website: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/udvalg-og-moeder/arbejdsmiljoeudvalg-og-grupper/

Free E-book

This month's free (Danish) e-book from Aarhus University Press
During all November you can download "Ilden i havet - Santorini-vulkanens naturhistorie og Atlantis-myten" af Walter L. Friedrich (pdf-file).
More information: http://da.unipress.dk/m%C3%A5nedens-gratis-e-bog/

Minutes of Meetings

On the staff website > committees and meetings
the following minutes of meetings are now avilable:

  • Committee for Local Liason, meeting 17. eptember 2015 (Danish)
  • Steering Committee
    - meeting 2 September, 2015
    - meeting 7 October, 2015

Newsletters on the web.
This and all previous newsletters are available also on the Geoscience staff webpages http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/ - There is a direct link from the entry page.

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