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No. 4/2016 - 8 April 2016

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

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Centre of Earth System Petrology: volcano.au.dk | HGG:  hgg.au.dk

Large attendance - Interesting lectures - Networking!

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Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

13 April, 15.15-16.15
Geoscience Seminar- Prof. Dr. Ernste Huenges, GFZ, Potsdam

14 April, 09.15-10.15
Geoscience Seminarm - Dr. Willy Fjeldskar, Tectonor, Stavanger

27 April, 15.15-16.15
Geoscience Seminar - Dr. Michael Stipp, GEOMAR, Kiel

Research / Research Support

Micro Funding

Microfunding for PhD students and researchers
The Aarhus University Research Foundation offers microfunding in order to help international PhD students and researchers who have economic constraints with their move to Denmark.
More information about the funding and application process on:

The Villum Foundation

The VILLUM Foundation is hosting an information meeting at Science & Technology, AU

  • Monday, 9 May 2016 at 13.00 - 14.00.

Place: Ny Munkegade 118, 8000 Aarhus C, Build. 1525 room 626.
Deadline for registration to attend: 2 May at 8.00 to julan@au.dk.

At the meeting the foundation will present the new research support programme and the research strategy within the technical area and natural sciences.
The information meeting is primarily targeted researchers and those supporting researchers during the application process.
At the meeting there will be a presentation by the Director of Research Thomas Sinkjær on the research support programmes. Afterward there will be time for questions and consulting the foundation regarding the application process etc.

Sabbatical Grants

It is now possible again to apply to the Research Committee at Science and Technology (ST) for sabbatical grants for periods abroad See:
Application deadlines 2016:

  • 21 April 2016 (reply expected week 19)
  • 29 August 2016 (reply expected week 37)
  • 11 November 2016 (reply expected week 42)

Teacher Training Programme

Registration is now open for the
Teacher Training Programme (in English) for assistant professors and postdocs
taking place in the autumn 2016. The programme is organised by the AU Educational Development Network.

Further information about the programme can be found in this invitation letter and on http://upnet.au.dk/en/teacher-training-programme-in-english/
Application deadline: 28 April 2016.


Jarl Hald

My name is Jarl, I'm 35 years old and always in a good mood.
From 1 April 2016, I am employed as a technical service man at Geoscience. Among many other things my job includes maintenance of the department cars.

My working hours are usually Monday to Friday, 9-12.
You may find me in the electronics workshop – otherwise contact me on e-mail: jarlhald@geo.au.dk

Søren Møller Dath

My name is Søren, I'm 29 years and started at Geoscience on April 1st. I will mainly be involved in developing the new MRS system. Futhermore I shall probably also help Simon with many of his other projects and tasks in the electronics workshop.
My background is a degree in electronics engineering from AU Engineering, followed by a master degree in robotics from University of Southern Denmark. Since I graduated in 2014, i have worked at a small start-up company where I developed a mobile antonomus robot surveyor for control surveying of newly built highways.
I have a great passion for the interaction of electronics, mechanics and software. In my spare time i fly with drones and play around with a lot of technical things. I'm married and we have a 6-month-old girl.


Note: Errors in tax statements
Check your annual tax statement for errors in the deduction for transport between home and work
Unfortunately, the deduction for transport between home and work has been calculated incorrectly in some annual tax statements for 2015. - More information here:


The defibrillator has been moved

Its new position is in the main entrance lobby (on the wall just inside the door).

The staff kitchen


  • NO STAFF is employed to clean up after you in the kitchen - but, unfortunately, it seems that many of you have the impression that this is the case (photo!!)
  • Clean up after yourself! – DO NOT PUT your dirty cups, glasses, dishes etc. on the kitchen table - nor in the sink!  Put it in one of the dishwashers.
  • If a dishwasher is full of clean tableware  - EMPTY IT! – IT IS ALSO YOUR JOB!

Partners office 1672-232

ST and AU partners/Office hours:
- Monday 8-16: AU Library, Morten Hjorth Gad, mhg@au.dk
- Tuesday 9-11: ST studies, Tina Veirup, tina.veirup@science.au.dk 
- Wednesday 9-11.30: ST finance, Thomas Lund Hansen, thomaslhansen@au.dk
- Wednesday 9-13: ST finance, Rana Elahmad, rana@au.dk
- Thursday 9-12: ST IT, Dan Guldberg, dangu@au.dk / 93508294
- Friday 9-11: ST HR, Steen Nielsen, steen@au.dk

Bo Holm Jacobsen office hours for students
- Tuesday 10-12
- Thursday 16.15-18
Above information is available also on geo.medarbejdere.au.dk, entry page.

Newsletters on the web.
This and all previous newsletters are available also on the Geoscience staff webpages http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/ - There is a direct link from the entry page.

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