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No. 7/2016 - 24 June 2016

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Some information in the Danish version of this newsletter refers to pages on AU or Geoscience staff website which are unfortunately not yet available in English

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Gry Barfod working in the new "Picotrace" cleanlab at Geoscience
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Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

27 June, 11.00
Final examination for Master's Degree - Nanna L Jensen

27 June, 13.15
Final examination for Master's Degree - Charlotte D. Sørensen

27 June, 13.15
Final examination for Master's Degree - Anders L. Vesterholt

27 June, 15.15
Final examination for Master's Degree - Laust Lorenzen

30 June, 12.00
Final examination for Master's Degree - Igor Povstugar



  • Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz
    was awarded a grant from the Danish Centre for Marine Research. 
    Project: North-East Greenland Expedition 2017.
    Amount: DKK. 2.804.000.
  • Katrine Juul Andresen
    was awarded a grant from the Danish Centre for Marine Research.
    Project: Western Limfjord pockmark investigations, Visby Bredning 2017.
    Amount: DKK. 509.325.
  • Andrew Murray
    was awarded a grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research.
    Project: Determination of mass-movement return frequency along the Bailong River (Tibet) using a new rock-surface dating technique. 
    Amount: DKK 1,9 mio.
  • David Lundbek Egholm
    was awarded a grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research
    Project: Formation of summit flats in cold-region topography.
    Amount: DKK 5.9 mio.

Geo Funding News - June 2016

Thomas Nielsen's latest information on application possibilities - see Geo Funding News - June 2016

Aarhus University research foundation

Notice the following possibilities for support from the AU Research Foundation:


Excursion for employees 2016

This year we went to our department at Risø NLL. Here there were lectures, lunch and guided tour by Andrew Murray. Later we had time for a visit to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, before starting our return journey, yet with a break for eating a really good dinner. The 13 participants had a very long but very exciting and interesting day.
See more photos from the trip: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/galleri/ekskursion-juni-2016/

Psychological WPA

The AU psychological WPA (Work Place Assessment) 2016 shows that AU as a whole, including the Department of Geoscience, needs to focus on the following topics to improve the work environment:

  1. Stress prevention
  2. Leadership in daily work life
  3. Recognition from colleagues and management
  4. A sober tone of communication

To proceed with this, the local WPA working group needs input from you. >Any proposals for specific actions to be taken concerning these topics or ideas for a better way of working with the psychological work are welcome. Contact a member of the WPA working group with your idea - or leave a note in the mailbox in the stairway just inside the back door from the parking lot (building 1674-1675)  - before 15 August.
Working group members: Søren Bom Nielsen, Lene Kjeldsteen, Anders Vest Christiansen, Kirsten Rosendal og Charlotte Rasmussen.


AU password community

On June 23rd the old NFIT and IHA logins will be added to the AU password community, which may cause a change of your password. It so, you will be informed by mail of what to do.
If you have any questions, please contact Susan Askøe Lössl in IT Support: sual@au.dk / tel. 21142358.

Watch out for fraud attempts!

Currently, there is reported an increase in the number of so-called SpearPhishing attempts in which fraudsters try to trick money from companies. One should therefore exercise extra caution during the coming holiday period. See: http://www.au.dk/en/informationsecurity/latest-news/single/artikel/pas-paa-svindlere/.

Generally, it is a constant and time comsun ing problem to IT support that different kinds of Phishing e-mails are being sent to AU e-mail-addresses, and that employees clik on links and enter user names and passwords into forms on false homepages.

How to recognize a phishing mail? See: http://www.au.dk/en/informationsecurity/phishing-en/.

Practical information

Extra equipment
From ST IT we have now an extra projector available to be used as an emergency solution in case the technique in class or meeting rooms fails. Contact the secretariat.

Partners office 1672-232

ST and AU partners/Office hours:
- Monday 8-16: AU Library, Morten Hjorth Gad, mhg@au.dk
- Monday  9-12: Dan Guldborg, ST IT, aarhus.st.it@au.dk
- Tuesday 10-12: ST studies, Tina Veirup, tina.veirup@science.au.dk 
- Wednesday 9-15: ST finance, Thomas Lund Hansen, thomaslhansen@au.dk
- Wednesday 9-11.30: ST finance, Rana Elahmad, rana@au.dk

Bo Holm Jacobsen office hours for students
- Tuesday 10-12
- Thursday 16.15-18
Above information is available also on geo.medarbejdere.au.dk, entry page.

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