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No. 6/2017 - 23 June 2017

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Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages


27 June
09:30 Final exam for Master's degree - Anders Wase
11:15 Final exam for Master's degree - Jakob Lindtorp
13:15 Final exam for Master's degree - Lasse Simonsen
13:15 Final exam for Master's degree - Frederik Schmidt Mortensen
28 June
12:30 Final exam for Master's degree - Mathis G. Kristensen
14:00 Final exam for Master's degree - Paulina Lagodizinska
15:00 Final exam for Master's degree - Dániel Bálint Szücs
29 June
08:15 Final exam for Master's degree - Thomas Bager Rasmussen
10:15 Final exam for Master's degree - Kasper Radl Mortensen
10:15 Final exam for Master's degree - Katrine Elnegaard Hansen
10.15 Final exam for Master's degree - Marcos José Luis Fernández
30 June
11:00 Final exam for Master's degree - Camilla Jönsson
13:00 Final exam for Master's degree - Nicky Hein Witt

Summer and vacation time

Summer is upon us meaning vacation time. Please update your calendar to show when you are away on vacation.

The secretariat will be closed during the weeks 29, 30 and 31, and the external doors closed as well.
Jarl will be there - ask him if you need help for practical matters.

To all of you at Geoscience



Presentation of new employees and guests

Hongzhu Cai - assistant professor

I’m an exploration geophysist and just started a new position as an assistant professor in the department of geosciences from this month. I will stay here for at least one year. I get my PhD degree in geophysics from University of Utah in 2015. Recently, I have decided to come to Europe for new challenges. It’s my second visit to Europe, I was an exchange student ten years ago in Norway. My featured research is using different geophysical data such as gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic data to image the subsurface structures for oil/mineral exploration and environment study. I have also been involved in numerical modeling and scientific computation. In Aarhus University, I’m working with the people from the  HydroGeophysics Group which is leaded by Professor Esben Auken.

Kenneth Bredesen - postdoc.

I'm a Norwegian geophysicist starting on a two years postdoc at the Department of Geoscience from mid-June. My core competencies are rock physics modeling and its applications for quantitative seismic interpretation.
From previous experience I've worked with exploration and characterization of oil and gas reservoirs both in academia and industry. However, I'm now very excited about working with green geothermal energy for the upcoming years. I'm involved in the Geotherm project where my main task will be to predict parameters such as porosity and lithology from seismic data in order to evaluate production capacity of Danish geothermal reservoirs.
On my spare time I'm very outdoorsy and particularly like to do competitive road cycling during summer and ski touring during winter.. although the latter will be a challenge here in Denmark. If you want to get in contact with me please feel free to write me an e-mail: kenneth.bredesen@geo.au.dk.

Psychological WPA

An updated version of the action plan as part of the follow-up process to the Psychological Workplace Assessment 2016 is available on the Danish staff website - see:


Blackboard – Assistance with course pages

ST Learning Lab offers assistance to teachers in creating their course pages for the next semester.

If you need help, Anna Hollyoak Helleber will be available at Geoscience on 10 August from 11 to 14.30 – in room 1672-121.

Video Conference Equipment

IT Support has updated our video conferencing equipment in 1671-234 for a new platform.
Guidelines are available on the AU website:
http://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/it/av-og-videokonference/videokonference/videokonferenceudstyr/ (Danish)

Replacement and upgrading of PCs

During 2017, some PCs need to be replaced or upgraded. A list will be distributed including PCs at the department known to be assessed individually.
If you have any questions, contact Lene Kjeldsteen.


Changes in class room 1673-118

The room will be reversed 90 degrees for better use of space in relation to escape routes.

The work will be carried out in July when the room is not in use.


Rejsekort Erhverv

We got three Rejsekort Erhverv business travel cards for use in connection with travels in Denmark.
If you want to use one of them, you must provide a project/activity nummer – same procedure as for booking of cars. Accounts will then be settled quarterly.

Partners office 1672-121

ST and AU partners/Office hours:
- Monday 8-16: AU Library, Morten Hjorth Gad, mhg@au.dk
- Monday  9-12: Dan Guldborg, ST IT, aarhus.st.it@au.dk
- Tuesday 10-12: ST studies, Tina Veirup, tina.veirup@science.au.dk 
- Wednesday 9-15: ST finance, Thomas Lund Hansen, thomaslhansen@au.dk
- Wednesday 9-11.30: ST finance, Rana Elahmad, rana@au.dk
- Thursday 08.30-12: ST HR, Charlotte Illum, charlotte@au.dk

- Friday 8-15: ST finance, Thomas Lund Hansen, thomaslhansen@au.dk

Bo Holm Jacobsen office hours for students
- Tuesday 10-12
- Thursday 16.15-18
Above information is available also on geo.medarbejdere.au.dk, entry page.

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