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No. 7/2017 - 30 August 2017

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Geoscience tutors 2017 ready to welcome our new students

Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

  • 31 Augusst, 13:15
    Qualifying exam - Ole Skursch
  • 1 September, 11:15  
    GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - Prof. Lew Ashwal, Wits University, Johannesburg
  • 1 September, 13.15    
    Qualifying exam  - Hannah Bobrowski
  • 4 September, 14.15  
    GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - Dr. Juliane Dannberg, Colorado State University
  • 8 September, 13:15  
    PhD defence  - Sofie Vej Ugelvig


Presentation of new employees and guests

Carlos Duque Calvache - postdoc

I’m a hydrogeologist who left Spain seven years ago to develop my career in the fields of groundwater-surface water interaction, saltwater intrusion and submarine groundwater discharge, heat as a tracer in hydrogeology, stable isotopes, nutrients contamination and groundwater numerical modelling.

I have been doing my research in the Universities of Granada, Copenhagen, Oslo and Delaware as postdoc and with a Marie Curie IOF Fellowship. During the last years I have studied field areas along multiple locations in Jylland and I hope to continue researching interesting case studies as well as methods to investigate groundwater. I believe that cross disciplinary studies are essential for the generation of new ideas, so if you need a water-fellow just catch me in the corridor or come to my office!


From faculty we got an invitation for:

Guest talk - Thursday 31 August, 12-13

  • Pat O’Connor, University of Limerick, Ireland:

Place: Mogens Ziegler stuen, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, Aaarhus C.

Inspiration Day - 14 September

The event is free and relevant for teaching staff, directors of studies, heads of degree programmes and other interested parties.
Read the invitation: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/fileadmin/user_upload/inspirationsdag_invitation_NY.pdf
Registration: https://auws.au.dk/forms
Registration deadline: 1 September 2017


No more VHS and more in the auditorium, building 137
ST IT has asked us to inform you that in the near future, they will remove VHS and VGA + jack in the auditorium.

Save your internet links
In connection with update of your computer you can ask IT to transfer your internet links so that they do not disappear after restart.
However, it is also possible to do it yourself following the instructions here:
- for Internet Explorer
- for Google Chrome
- for Mozilla Firefox

Updating Mac computers at ST
IT-support and AU IT are busy updating all AU employees’ computers, to ensure a modern IT platform and a better IT  secutiry at AU.
At ST they are well on the way of the  extensive work of updating Windows computers, and - as far as possible - they wil start updating also Mac and Unix/Linux. More information here:


Check your PURE homepage
As a new initiative, in an attempt to help our scientific staff having all publications registered in PURE in time, you are advised during August/September to check your personal PURE homepage and control whether all new publications appear on it.
The next reminder will be given at the beginning of the new year, immediately before the final lists are drawn from PURE by the library.

Hotel booking

Hotel Booking in Aarhus

It is often difficult to find available hotel accommodation in Aarhus. It is therefore advisable to prepare visitors’ stay in town well in advance of their arrival.

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