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No. 8/2017 - 30 September 2017

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The 2017 elections have begun

This year the students will vote for all the coollegial bodies
and the academic staff will vote for PhD committees and the boards of studies


Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

  • 2.-3 Ocktober
    Distinguished Instructor Short Course "Geophysical Electromagnetics: Fundamentals and Applications" i Aarhus
  • 4 October
    Geospace workshop
  • 10 October
    HGG seminar - Pradip Kumar Maurya 
  • 12 October
    2nd Aarhus University-DHRTC Workshop


Presentation of new employees and guests

Andrew Kass (Andy) - postdoc
Andy is a geophysicist specializing in environmental applications of potential fields, electromagnetics, and nuclear magnetic resonance.  His research focuses on applied algorithm development, working both on numerical techniques as well as their field applications.  Since completing his PhD in 2012 at the Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colorado, USA), Andy has worked as a research geophysicist with the Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center at the U.S. Geological Survey in diverse areas from permafrost research in Alaska to mineral deposit characterization in Turkey with the Afghanistan Geological Survey.  He now works with the Hydrogeophysics Group, developing sensor arrays and interpretation algorithms for magnetic surveys.

Pernille Trant - PhD student
In June, I finished my master in geology from Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University. During my bachelor project and master thesis, I worked with annual variations in solar variability during Grand Solar Minima based on radiocarbon dating of tree rings at the Aarhus AMS Centre. Besides the main projects, I have mainly worked with geochemistry and climate during my degree.
I just started my PhD on geoarchaeology with the working title ”Geoarchaeology of the early northern cities: Microscopic and geochemical investigations of urban spaces in Denmark”. The PhD project is part of the Northern Emporium project, which investigates the archaeology of network urbanism in Viking-age Ribe. My contribution to Northern Emporium will be to the geochemical part of the project. My supervisors are Associate Professor Søren M. Kristiansen from Dept. of Geoscience and Professor Søren M. Sindbæk from UrbNet, School of Culture and Society.

Empower talent

Mentor scheme

It is now again possible to sign up for the AU mentoring scheme Empower Talent !
Empower Talent! matches employees at assistant professor level (assistant professor/researcher/post doc) with more experienced colleagues at associate professor level or professor level.

The intention with the Empower Talent! initiative is to contribute to retaining and developing talent, while also contributing to ensuring diversity and creating an attractive work environment at Aarhus University.

More information and registration is available at
Registration deadline is 22 October 2017.

Research / Research Support

STEPI Fellowship 2018
The Korean "Science and Technology Institute" (STEPI) encourages researchers and master students to apply for their STEPI Fellowship 2018 of USD 5,000. More information here: http://geo.au.dk/fileadmin/www.geo.au.dk/intern/NYHEDSBREVE/2017/SEPI__fellowship.pdf


Problems with your access card?

If you have more than one access card, you must use the most recent one to access AU’s buildings from 4 October.
If your access card does not work, you have to order a new one.

More information here: http://newsroom.au.dk/en/news/show/artikel/translate-to-english-virker-dit-adgangskort-ikke-mere/

Please do not use all kinds of surfaces, such as walls, doors etc. for setting up messages. Use either the existing notice boards meant for this purpose or use the new magnet frames placed all around the buildings - for free use - and more are coming up.
Please also help removing old, outdated messages.
Please never use tape on painted surfaces. When removed, the tape will unfortunately also remove some of the painting – we have numerous examples in the house.

Info screen

You are all welcome to have messages announced on the info screen in the entrance hall.

Contact the secretariat sekretariat@geo.au.dk, and Grethe Storgaard or Ann Eg Mølhave will help you. - They are our experts!

Sickness and days off

If you send an email to inform your nearest leader or colleague that you are sick or otherwise will have a day off, please send copy to sekretariat@geo.au.dk, who will register the absence.

Mailing lists

Many employees have asked for a brush-up on which internal mailing lists we have and how to use them.

In short, you find the lists in Outlook. They can only contain AU outlook users, and only Outlook mail users have access to them.

You find guidelines and a description of the Geoscience lists on the staff homepage: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/communication/mail-lists/



The Citröen Berlingo which so far has been our spare car for partial booking, is now fully available for booking just like the rest of our cars.
Registration No. is VH 47471.

Log books

The AU audit department recently reviewed all log books from our department cars - unfortunately with many remarks about inadequate registration of the trips. 
It is actually important that all users of our cars do their utmost to make their registrations more precise as to destination, mileage, etc.
See information and guidelines for cars on: http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/transport-and-procurement/department-cars/guidelines-and-useful-information/

Newsletters on the web.
This and all previous newsletters are available also on the Geoscience staff webpages http://geo.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/ - There is a direct link from the entry page.

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