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No. 9/2017 - 30 October 2017

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Aarhus University (AU) Department of Geoscience hosted the

2nd AU-DHRTC Workshop on 12th October 2017,

welcoming 45 participants from AU, DHRTC Core, and Aalborg University. We heard about the challenges in the oil&gas industry, and an overview of the programmes running at the Centre to address these challenges, as well as AU researchers' projects to contribute to the solutions. The highlight of the day was the lively discussions in the afternoon, both 1-1 and the group discussions arranged around two themes: subsurface- and topsides&well-related issues. Overall, it was a very stimulating day.

Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

  • 31 October
    Special AGIR lectures - by Dr. Jeffrey Vervoort (1)
  • 2 November  
    PhD defence - Adrian Barfod 
  • 7 November
  • HGG seminar - Andy Kass
  • 7 November
    Special AGIR lectures - by Dr. Jeffrey Vervoort (2)
  • 21 November
    HGG Seminar - Jakob Juul Larsen


The secretariat

As you know, Lene will leave her job at Geoscience by the end of this month.
Her successor has not yet been found, so for some time the secretariat will be understaffed. We will, of course, do our best to make things run, yet, ask for everyone's patience and understanding of the situation.

Grethe - Lone - Ann

Presentation of new employees and guests

Jeoffrey Vervoort - guest researcher
The Department, the Center of Earth System Petrology and the AGiR (Aarhus Geochemsitry and Isotope Research) Platform welcome AUFF Distinguished Visiting Professor, Jeffery Vervoort, to Aarhus University.  Professor Vervoort is a radiogenic isotope geochemist and geochronologist with interest in the early Earth and how our planet has evolved through time.  Dr. Vervoort received his Ph.D. from Cornell University (USA), worked as a postgraduate researcher at the University of Arizona for several years and is currently at Washington State University where he is a full professor. Professor Vervoort has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers.  He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and American Geophysical Union, and has held over 20 research grants from the US National Science Foundation.  Professor Vervoort will be at Aarhus University through early December and will be giving a department colloquium in November, as well as, a series of workshops on the fundamentals of radiogenic isotope geochemistry and geochronology during the Fall semester.  Stay tuned for those announcements.  Dr. Vervoort’s office in located in the Earth System Petrology Clubhouse (3rd floor of 1672), if you are interested in talking with him.

Lasse Krogsgaard Prins - PhD student
I finished my master degree in geology at the department of geoscience in 2016,My thesis topic was Seismic geomorphology.
The Past year I worked as a scientific research assistant in a DHRTC (Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center) funded project called “The 3D Geotechnical Model”. The project aims at developing a geotechnical stratigraphy for the Danish Central Graben through existing engineering geophysical surveys and seismic interpretations.
As a Ph.D. student, I continue this project but with an added academic scope including an interpretation of Quaternary evolution in the area with a focus on buried valleys and their genetic processes. The Ph.D. project is also funded by the DHRTC


ERC Workshop with professor Carlos M. Duarte

A workshop on ERC applications with Professor Carlos M. Duarte, former member of the ERC Scientific Council, organised by the Science and Technology Research Committee.

See invitation with link to registration here:  http://scitech.medarbejdere.au.dk/aktuelt/arrangementer/vis/artikel/erc-workshop-med-professor-carlos-m-duarte/


A reminder – In the laboratories, samples and other objects often disappear. It is important that boxes, bags, shelves / cabinets or any items that are stored in custody rooms, refrigeration rooms and laboratories are labeled. The label must contain at least name, date and contact information. Unmarked items risk being moved/misplaced and often disappear.

New Laboratory technician - Marianne Lyngholm Nielsen is employed for one year (so far) from 1 November. Marianne has previously worked as a trainee and project researcher at Geoscience. A presentation will follow in a future newsletter.


Possible salary deduction
Be aware that, if you have had holidays in 2016/17 which are not earned at AU and registered in AUHRA after 07.04.2017, you may see a deduction in your October or November salary.
Questions can be addressed to hrit@au.dk.

IT - Helpdesk

Changed Opening hours 2 November

2 November is the day when some staff from Administration Center ST will receive their notice of being dismissed in connection with savings in the Center.
To reduce the pressure / stress, IT Helpdesks at Campus and Navitas in Aarhus will not open until 10 o’clock. Katrinebjerg is manned by a student assistant and has normal opening hours.
If in an emergency you cannot wait, phone or send an email to Susan Askøe Lössl: 2114 2356 / sual@au.dk.

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