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No. 1/2018 - 16 January 2018

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On January 3-4 about 30 employees, mainly from the VIP group participated in a meeting at Kystvejens Konferencecenter in Grenå. The main theme of the meeting was:  Where is geoscience going and how do we position ourselves?

The discussions plenary as well as in groups were concentrated on the topics: education, research, talent and industrial collaboration/public consultancy.

Many interesting and relevant views on mega trends, machine learning, digitalisering, satelliter and remote sensing were discussed in their relevance to geoscience. At the end of the meeting, the following working groups were established:

1. Exploring the Narrative of cool Geoscience: Bo, Thorsten, David, Mads, Esben og Søren B
2. To improve our awareness of promoting each other: Research committee
3. Another Graduate Summer Course: David, Mads, Jan Pieter, Nikolaj og Bo
4. The possibility of some internal relocations: Nikolaj, Stephane, Christof Pearce og Thomas L
5. Planning next year’s VIP retreat: Søren B, Søren Munch, Thomas N, Anders V. og Thomas L

Guide about sideline activities

Sideline activities

IAS and Employment Law have elaborated a detailed guide about sideline activities. More information


Geoscience granted DKK 7.2 million from DHRTC

Associate Professor Ole Rønø Clausen,  Associate Professor Stéphane Bodin, and Assistant Professor Katrine Juul Andresen from the Department of Geoscience have been granted a total of 7.2 million kroner from the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) under the Tight Reservoir Development Programme. Read article

DHRTC supports Geological Student Symposium in Aarhus 2018

Geological Student Symposium 2018 takes place at Aarhus University and is an event which focuses on building social network among geology students. Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) supports the Symposium with an amount of DKK 50,000 to strengthen the teamwork between DHRTC and Aarhus University. Read article

Upcoming Events

See also the calendar on the Geoscience staff webpages

  • 2. februar
    Faculty Club with Pub Quiz – with a nice price for the winner


New procedure for registrating guests

To obtain an AU-ID and get access to buildings, systems etc all guests must be registered in the Medarbejderstamkort. 

When you expect a guest you must therefore send the following information to sekretariat@geo.au.dk:

- Name
- Date of birth
- Nationality
- Date of arrival and departure

Also make sure that your quest has a valid residence and work permit. If in doubt contact Inge Aachmann Pedersen at International Center

Guests visiting the department for 3 or more months will be contacted by the editorial team and presented in the newsletter.

Presentation of new employees and guests

Thomas Lund Hansen

On January 1 Thomas started as new head of secretariat. Most of you know Thomas from his position as economical controller at the department.

Office: 1672-123
Email: thomaslhansen@geo.au.dk

Henning Gregers Jensen

From January 1 Henning has taken over the role as economical controller at Geoscience.

Office: Partner office, building 1672-121
Email: henning.gregers.jensen@au.dk.


Our library partner Morten Hjorth Gad will no longer have an office day at the partner office.

This means that employees must collect and borrow material directly at the library in Ny Munkegade (Ny Munkegade 118, build. 1536, 2nd floor).

You can still hand in books by putting them in the box at the partner office (building 1672-121).

Morten Hjorth Gad will continue as library partner for the department and will as always help with library related questions, incl. PURE. His new email and phone number is:

Email: Mhga@kb.dk
Phone: 9135 6492


Tag your equipment

We are trying to keep the corridors and storerooms clear. Therefore please tag your stored equipment with your full name, contact information and date.

Forgot something?

Did you loose your glove or miss your keys. Don´t panic until you have looked in the "Glemte ting" box in the secretariat.


IT Helpdesk during the exam period

As previously IT Helpdesk must be ready with support in connection with digital exams.
Therefore, in January 2018, onsite-agreements can be cancelled in weeks 1-4, and case handling can be expected to take more time.

NFIT-Print server shut down

A few years ago we started using the new Print Server called print.uni.au.dk and it is about time everyone uses this Print Server so we can decommission the old NFIT Print Server (print.ad.nfit.au.dk)

We will permanently shut down the NFIT Print server February 1. 2018 at 8.30 am.

Most people are already using the new print server. If you cannot print after February 1. take a look at the guides here on how to install printers: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/it/print/

Office hours /ST and AU partners

Bo Holm Jacobsen's office hours for students
- Tuesday 10-12
- Thursday 16.15-17

This overview is also available at geo.medarbejdere.au.dk.


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