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No. 3/2018 - 8 March 2018

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Deadline for sending information to be used for the salary negotiations 2018 at the Faculty of Science and Technology is 15 March 2018.

Please contact your trade union representative (with negotiation right) in connection with questions regarding salary agreements, salary criteria etc. Find your union representative here.

Please contact your HR-partner, if you have questions regarding your current salary, which negotiation group you belong to etc. Find your HR Partner here.

The salary negotiations are finished by 31th of May, and all salary increases have effect from 1st of April 2018.

Access doors to the building are locked

Due to a very unpleasant and violent episode, where a person with no connection to the department attacked one of our employees, all access doors are locked, and only persons with an access card can open the doors.

Please be careful whom you let into the department. You find a picture of the person, who you should NOT let in, at the student's board and the board at the secretariat.

The police has been contacted. If you see the person, walking around outside of the department you should not contact him but call the police.

Remember to let us know if you are sick or on vacation

In case of absence/illness, notify the secretariat (sekretariat@geo.au.dk) and your nearest manager by email on your first day of absense.

When back at work, send an email to the secretariat (sekretariat@geo.au.dk) informing start end end dates of your illness period.

Vacation is agreed with nearst manager and informed to the secretariat (sekretariat@geo.au.dk).

easter competition

The first 10 peoples who read this, turn up in the secretariat and say the words "pip gok påskeplim" wins an easter egg.


Carlette Blok started on February 5 her PhD on Microfacies and petrographic properties of the Danish Lower Cretaceous. Together with her supervisor Stéphane Bodin, she will be part of a larger group working this project, referred to as LOCRETA.

Torsten Hundebøl Hansen has been a geoscience student at the department since 2013, but in January he started a 4-year PhD project under Ole Rønø Clausen. The project's preliminary title is ”Early Cretaceous tectonic evolution, paleogeography, deposition and redeposition in the Central Graben”, and forms part of a major research program, Tight Reservoir Development, under the Center for Oil and Gas - DTU (DHRTC). My work will mainly consist in interpreting reflection seismic profiles from a particular area in the Danish part of the North Sea. It has already been done, but with access to Mærsk Oils delicious and newest 3-D data, computing power for an incredible amount of money, as well as Ole's knowledgeable guidance and eternal good mood, I plan to do better than everyone before me . Simply!
When I do not do geology, I often run around in the woods or hang out on a climbing wall.
I am looking forward to still being around at Geoscience. If you do not recognise me from the picture, you will know me from the sound of clusters clashing when I walk indoors. See you!

Bent Vad Odgaard retires his position as professor at the end of April 2018. 

Bent take early retirement, however he will continue his presence at the department as professor emeritus. 

Jakob Steen Olesen will from 1 March 2018 handle project portfolios at Geoscience.
Jakob has previously worked in AU's accounts department and has also been stationed in ST Economics handling project work. Jakob has a huge knowledge to AU and experience with accounting and project portfolios.

Office: The partner office (office hours will be informed later.)
Email: jakob.steen.olesen@au.dk

Thue Bording is employed as a post doc at HGG from pr. 31. januar 2018.

Marcello Giannuoli is a trainee from 1 March 2018 to 30 June 2018. I got my BSc in Geology in Bari, a sunny city in southern Italy, then went to Pisa, where towers lean, for a Master's degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies. From March to June, my home will be Aarhus, where I will be attending a traineeship on methods of palaeoceanographic research under Marit-Solveig Seidenktrantz supervision. "My idea of a five-star hotel is an insulated sleeping bag and a waterproof tent."

Office hours /ST and AU partners

Bo Holm Jacobsen's office hours for students
- Tuesday 10-12
- Thursday 16.15-17

This overview is also available at geo.medarbejdere.au.dk.


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