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Nr. 2/2019 - 28. February 2019

coming events

  • Friday March 8th
    Conference: "How do we improve gender balance amongst researchers at AU?"
  • Wednesday March 13th
    Seminar with Dr. Maaria Noordman
  • Monday March 18th at 10.00 AM
    Ole Rønø's sixtieth birthday
    Breakfast in the staff room
  • Friday March 29th
    Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz' 25th anniversary at AU
  • Friday April 5th
    Alumne day 2019
  • Wednesday April 24th
    Festival of Research

Workplace assessment (WPA)

Employees will receive an e-mail from Rambøll management with a personal link. Please note that the email from Rambøll with a link to the questionnaire survey is not an attempt at phishing.

If you did not receive the e-mail with the personal link, please send an e-mail to apv@au.dk, and they will help you ASAP.

The survey must be answered via the personal link no later that March 13th 2019.

new geoscience cars

Our 2 new cars have finalley arrived and can be booked via the secretariat.

Both cars are Renault Trafic with room for driver + 8 passengers.

Check the rules for use of the cars.

Booking of bike and brobizz

It is now possible to book our bike and brobizz (easy payment when crossing the bridge between Funen and Zealand).

Booking can be done by the secretariat in the respective calendars.
All Geoscience employees can see the calendars and check availability.

The calendars are called BroBizz Aarhus GEO and Cykel Aarhus GEO.

If you borrow the bike outside office hours, it is still possible to write on the white board in office 1672-130. Please state name of user and expected return.
Keys and helmets are also found in office 1672-130.

REMEMBER to return the bike to it's space by the back door after use.

Lost and found

Found items can be handed in at the secretariat, where they will be kept for 1 month.

At the moment we have these items:

Discount at friluftsland

All emplyees can get 20% discount at Friluftsland. The discount applyes to all merchandise that is not on sale.

To receive the discount at the store, you must show a members card, which you can borrow from Thomas Lund Hansen in the secretariat.


New employees and guests

Anders Kristian Kühl started as PhD Student at HGG.

Jennifer Galloway is an Associate Professor at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies and is on leave from the Geological Survey of Canada. She will be at Aarhus University for 1 year conducting a research project on the Extinct Polar Biome that existed during the Mesozoic in high northern latitudes despite the long polar night and summers with continuous sunlight. She is a geologist, palynologist, and paleoecologist who studies the role of climate variability on terrestrial ecosystem functioning on various time scales.

More information about Jennifer can be found here.

Alicia Fantasia is a sedimentologist specialised in palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic reconstructions during Mesozoic global events. Her research integrates stratigraphy, sedimentology, mineralogy and geochemistry.
During her MSc and PhD projects at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, she acquired a solid expertise of environmental changes occurring around the Cretaceous-Paleogene (KPg) boundary, and during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (183 Ma, Early Jurassic).

She has recently joined Stéphane Bodin’s group as a Postdoctoral Fellow. During 18 months she will be working on Aalenian (Middle Jurassic) successions from France and Chile to better constrain the palaeoenvironmental changes occurring during this poorly known time interval.

Office hours/ST and AU partners

  • Dan Guldborg, IT support
    Monday 9-12 | aarhus.st.it@au.dk
  • Maiken Dazelle Nielsen, teaching/ exams | maiken@au.dk
  • Mette Møller Larsen, controller, ST economy
    Wednesday 8.30-15.30 | mmla@au.dk
  • Jakob Steen Olesen, project economist, ST economy
    Wednesday 8-15 og Friday 8-14 | jakob.steen.olesen@au.dk
  • Morten Hjorth Gad, AU Library | Mhga@kb.dk
  • HR-related questions should be sent to HR ST Team 1 | HR.ST.team1@au.dk
  • Charlotte Kahlen Steffensen, ph.d.-partner GSST | charlotte.steffensen@au.dk

Bo Holm Jacobsen, office hours for students:
- Tuesday 10-12
- Thursday 16.15-17

An overview of all office hours can be found at geo.medarbejdere.au.dk.


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