Department cars - Guidelines and useful information

Before you leave

  • Key and fuel card
    Contact the secretariat, Susanne Weis Fogh, 1672-130, for collection of both.
  • Home parking
    The cars have fixed home parking spaces outside building 1675.

On the road

  • Fuel
    All our cars run on diesel.
    REMEMBER: Keep your receipts.
  • Roadside assistance
    Phone SikkerhedsPartner - tel. 70 113 113
    Give this information: Subscription No. 8715 0000 - Subscriber: Aarhus University.
  • Accidents/Damages
    In Denmark: Contact the police urgently.
    Outside Denmark: Contact the police urgently - and contact the insurance company.
    When you return to Geoscience, samages must be reported in writing to the office.
    If necessary, contact the secretariat:


  • Return on time!
    Notice: A one-day reservation if for 1 day only! You MUST return the car by the end of the very same day. It may be booked by another user from early next morning.
  • The logbook
    The book (kørebog) is in the glove compartment. Write readable, please!
    Don't forget the purpose of your trip.
  • Before leaving the car
    Clean up and take your stuff with you. 
    Check that light is off - outside and inside.
    Fill up with adequate fuel - possibly also oil and water - to make it ready for the next user.
    Defects should be reported to the office when you return the key.
  • Key, fuel card/receipts
    All should be returned to the secretariat immediately.
    If return is after office hours, drop the key etc. in the grey mailbox on the wall opposite the entrance door from the parking lot. Access to the building with key card and code.