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No. 1/2020 - december 2020

Newsletter about IT

From December 2020, the IT committee at the Department of Geoscience will send out IT newsletters to staff on a regular basis.

The newsletter will contain various information that is relevant to everyone. This could be, for example, GDPR rules, security and IT procurement. In general, we will also collect IT news or information about IT changes from AU, NAT-TECH IT, AU IT.

If you have information or IT tips that are relevant to this newsletter please contact Charlotte.

If you have serious IT problems

At the department, we unfortunately sometimes experience that colleagues have serious IT problems of various kinds, eg when ordering and inquiries to NAT-TECH IT: Some cases drag on or the solutions are not optimal.

In order for us to improve the service for everyone, we would like to take these matters to the right person. Here it is necessary that we have written documentation and an accurate case description of the tedious processes.

If you experience an unsatisfactory IT case, you can start documenting the case in writing, eg in an email to us (which can be saved continuously as a draft). In this written case, describe everything that has happened, with dates, people, times, etc. This email should be sent to Charlotte and Thomas.


OneDrive is Microsoft's answer to Dropbox. OneDrive enables you to connect with your files from computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Late 2020 the move from the U-drive to OneDrive has commenced for many users.

Total storage capacity in OneDrive: 1 TB per person.

Transfer from the U-drev to OneDrive, when carried out by NAT-TECH: 300 GB per person.

Restore: The user has 30 days + 30 days at NAT-TECH IT + 30 days at Microsoft, in total 90 days.

Preliminary experiences from colleagues:

  • If you have more than 300 GB of data, it is recommended to use the O-drive (or one of NAT-TECH IT's other storage solutions), or alternatively move files yourself to your OneDrive location.
  • If your computer hibernates, it may cause synchronization issues with local files and your OneDrive folder on the server.
  • From time to time, you should right-click on the folder "OneDrive Aarhus University" on your computer and select "Free up space", to manually free up space on the hard disk.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In the case of register data, it is possible to provide non-employed persons with an agreement that ensures legal access to data from the register database via Aarhus University's authorizations; where AU is data responsible.

An example: If a researcher at the end of the employment period needs data to be able to complete his project.

Further information and files can be found on the department's website in the IT section: GDPR.

IT procurement

Normally IT equipment is ordered through NAT-TECH ITs webshop.

A very long delivery time can currently be expected for orders at NAT-TECH IT. If you do not need to buy a PC or tablet, you can skip the waiting time and buy the following elsewhere, which are not covered by purchase agreements:

  • Cell phones
  • Webcams
  • Headsets
  • Other similar small hardware

Video conference

”Videokonference Aarhus Geo” can be booked through the Outlook calendar.

The equipment has its home base in meeting room 1672-114. If you use the equipment in another room, it must be taken back to 1672-114 after use.

Cables and other connections are as they should be so there is no need to change the setup. If there are problems with the connection, check the power.

In meeting rooms, use the LAN port marked “VK” (video conference) as indicated in the picture.


eSIM is a term used for a number of digital services that replace the physical SIM card in, for example, a mobile phone, smartwatch or car.

If you want to order an eSIM, please note the following:

On AU’s agreement with Telenor a standard subscription costs DKK 16 / month. If you want an eSIM on top of a subscription, it costs an additional DKK 25 / month. As this is a significant increase in price, ordering an eSIM card requires approval from the nearest manager.

On AU's page about telephones you can find information on how to order an eSIM.

For questions contact the AU IT’s secretariat at it-sekretariat@au.dk.

Minutes from meetings

We have found a GDPR-safe solution that ensures that minutes from the department's meetings within LAMU and LSU from now on can be read by all employees.

Files are available on the O-drive:

O:\Nat-Tech_Geo-Faelles\Udvalgs referater


IT support

Campus helpdesk

Due to Coronavirus everyone should limit the physical attendance in the IT Helpdesk: Please use e-mail or phone to get in touch with IT supporters.

Opening hours on the phones are extended to 8-15.30 (Friday 8-14.30) for IT inquiries.

When possible the new portal should be used to create new tasks and phones to be used for urgent IT incidents.

The telephone opening hours are the same throughout Nat-Tech IT and can be seen online at au.dk/it

Onsite at Geoscience

Dan Guldborg returns as a regular onsite supporter from Monday 4 January 2021.

Dan's availability in the partner office (1671-134) will continue to be Mondays 9-12.

New portal

Remember that support cases and questions related to these are registered through the new support portal:


Inquiries can, for example, be related to purchasing a new computer as well as IT or computer problems.

Note that on the page there is a catalog with different categories, eg if you experience specific problems with A/V equipment.

You will always receive a case number and a confirmation e-mail. The case can then be followed online. There will be an opportunity for commenting later, if needed.

IT committee



From the IT committee

(Charlotte and Thomas)


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