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Geoscience IT newsletter

No. 1/2022 - January 2022


Newsletter about IT

This newsletter contains relevant information for all staff, for instance GDPR rules, IT security and IT procurement. Furthermore we use the newsletter to collect IT news or information regarding IT changes from AU, NAT-TECH IT, AU IT and other sources.

If you have information or IT tips which are relevant for future IT newsletters please contact Charlotte.

The result of the annual rounds 2021

Thomas Lund Hansen, Thomas Ulrich and Charlotte Rasmussen have been visiting most offices with the following focus:

  • Mini-workplace asssessment related to the office change for HGG (among others ergonomy, noise, etc.)
  • GDPR and IT security, where we asked some questions

Related to your answers we will describe the use of network and VPN in detail in this newsletter.

Network and VPN

VPN is a Virtuel Private Network which is a technique that is used to create point-to-point connections, so-called "tunnelling", through another data net.

When you log on to VPN, it’s like working on a computer at AU: You have the same level of protection and can access some of AU’s services. Your internet connection is encrypted, which makes it invisible to anyone who might want to intercept your data.

Staff at Aarhus University

You may only use the VPN network if you’re working on AU equipment: That is equipment provided to you by AU (e.g. your work computer or work smartphone).

If you can’t work on AU equipment but must work on a personal computer instead, for security reasons, do not install or log onto VPN.

Be aware that the VPN can cause problems with (e.g.) online meetings: It is recommended to log off during your meeting and log in again afterwards.

How to get VPN access


Guests at AU may not plug their non-AU computer into an available LAN port, nor attempt to install or use VPN. Guests at AU can use either of the three available wireless networks: Eduroam, AU-Guest and AU-Gadget.

How to set up wireless network

External consultants can use VPN too for specific purposes. This requires that you contact IT support for registration and that the user can perform two-factor authentication.

Contact IT-support

All students can use AU-Access. Once connected to AU-Access VPN you will have access to the same services as if you were on Eduroam on campus.

Read more about AU-Access

If non-staff users require access to specific computers/servers or AU network (as is often the case for master students who need to work using AU or Geoscience licenses) the Geoscience secretariat has a pool of computers that can be borrowed for a limited time.

VPN alternative?

In cases where VPN can or must not be used, IT support may be able to help tailor a solution that meets both the user's practical wishes and AU's need for security.

For some a virtual desktop can be a solution.

IT support

Campus helpdesk

Use the service portal to create new IT cases or follow the progress on ongoing cases.

Use phone 87 15 40 10 for acute IT-emergencies.

Opening hours for showing up in the IT helpdesk and for calling can be found at the NAT-TECH IT website.

Onsite at Geoscience

Daniel Gjerluf Knudsen has started as the dedicated IT supporter for Geoscience. Daniel visits the Partner office (1672-123) every Tuesday 9-14 (and when needed).


Geoscience IT committee (including newsletters)

Geoscience IT webpages (including policy for using e-mail and calendar)

AU IT (general service and support pages, with contact-info)

Service portal (follow or comment on your IT cases)

Service information (messages about acute IT incidents or scheduled maintenance)

AU IT webshop (IT procurement, requires AU network)

AU IT security (including information about GDPR, phishing, data storage etc.)

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