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No. 2/2021 - June 2021

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Newsletter about IT

This newsletter contains relevant information for all staff, for instance GDPR rules, IT security and procurement. Furthermore we use the newsletter to collect IT news or information regarding IT changes from AU, NAT-TECH IT, AU IT and other sources.

If you have information or IT tips which are relevant for future IT newsletters please contact Charlotte.

Windows 10 LTSC

A way to avoid frequent replacement of computers could be to install a special type of Microsoft Windows: Windows LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel).

The product has several advantages:

  • The time frame where functions do not change is long: AU IT support has promised us that Windows 10 LTSC is updated and supported (both by Microsoft and AU IT) until 2029.
  • AU IT support installs Windows 10 LTSC for free, if the computer is purchased by them.

Consider Windows LTSC for computers that you don't wan't to replace too often (e.g. lab machines that may be connected to analytical equipment through special software which may not easily be upgraded or is too expensive to update.


Brightspace is the new Learning Management System (LMS) at Aarhus University. The new LMS will be used for teaching purposes from the fall semester 2021.

Monday 21 June 2021 at 13-15 the department is hosting a workshop, organised by Thomas Ulrich.

The aim of the workshop is to present Brightspace and hopefully make the transition from Blackboard easier. You will have an overview and be introduced to the main functions in Brightspace as well as how to use them.

The workshop is held online on Zoom: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/66048255859

Relevant links:

New phone contract with Telenor

From 31 March 2021 Aarhus University made a new telephony-deal with Telenor. The agreement includes staff members work mobiles and work tablets/dongles (eg. mobile telephony and mobile broadband) as well as fixed-line telephony. Note that this new agreement causes the price to increase on existing subscriptions.

TDC will continue to provide fixed-line broadband for home offices and SIM cards for special technical equipment. 

The new subscriptions
All staff, who have Telenor subscriptions, will automatically be transfered to the new agreement and should by default not take any action. If you as a staff member have special needs, there is an option to accomodate these on individual basis.

As was the case previously, data outside of the EU is paid after use at a high rate that varies from country to country.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the IT secretariaty at it@au.dk. Find the new prices and subscription details at Mobiltelefoni på AU.

Below an overview of the changes in subscriptions is presented.

Mobile subscription

  1. By default all are transferred to Flatrate 20 GB data. The monthly cost for this subscription will from now on be 50 DKK.
  2. Staff, who earlier had their data limit raised to 50 GB, will receive and e-mail from AU IT where you are kindly asked to consider if you still need extra data.

You can purchase an additional 80 GB for the new basic subscription that will have effect worldwide. The total cost for the subscription is 121,20 DKK per month.

Alternatively you can choose a subscription with 100 GB data, however only in Denmark. The cost for this subscription is 50 DKK per month.

Acquiring additional data requires your managers approval.

Mobile broadband subscription

  1. Staff having Mobile broadband 10 GB data are transferred to subscription no. 1 with a data package of 10 GB, only valid in Denmark. The monthly cost for this subscription is 33 DKK.
  2. Staff having Mobile broadband 20 GB and 50 GB are transferred to subscription no. 2 with a data package of 50 GB, only valid in Denmark. The monthly cost for this subscription is 50 DKK.
  3. Staff having Mobile broadband unlimited data are transferred to subscription no. 3 with an unlimited data package, only valid in Denmark. The monthly cost for this subscription is 200 DKK.
  4. Staff who need to use mobile broadband abroad can be transferred to subscription no. 4 with 50 GB data in Danmark and a special discount on data up to 10 GB within the EU and Nordic countries. The monthly cost for this subscription is 60 DKK.

If a staff member wishes to make use of subscription no. 4 the approval of your manager is required. Subsequently the staff member should contact the IT-secretariat to change the subscription.

Cloudbased services

The senior management team has decided that, from now on, AU will generally establish new IT services in the cloud which is a generic term for delivery of software and IT services via the internet. The decision includes all IT solutions for research, education, public sector consultancy and administration. It is a necessary consequence of the increasing amount of data and the rapidly increasing number of IT solutions following the digitisation of these areas.

For most staff, the transition to cloud solutions will not require any specific actions. Communication about the changes will be distributed in step with the move of IT solutions and services to the cloud. You will therefore be informed if you need do something in specific situations.

A number of staff, primarily researchers, have special needs in terms of server capacity for small IT solutions - for example a virtual server with web firewall and database or an open source text annotation tool. In the future, also this type of service will be established in the cloud instead of using AU’s own local infrastructure.

If you have special needs in terms of small IT soluations, please contact the local IT support team: The local IT support team can help clarify whether the special needs can be covered by existing services offered by AU IT’s cloud supplier, so you do not have to buy special systems which must be maintained by external suppliers. The IT support team can also ensure compliance with the tender rules and basic IT security requirements.

Moreover, it is important to be aware of the following. The senior management team has decided that, in future, the employees who have special needs in relation to IT services must pay the costs themselves. This means that AU IT will forward the invoice for the service to the system owner. It is possible for AU IT to put a limit on the costs to ensure that the individual employee does not suddenly have to pay an unexpected bill.

The local IT support team is ready to help you with answers to the questions you may have.

At https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/it/buy-it-equipment-and-software/how-to-order-server-capacity/ you can find information regarding how to order IT cloudbased services. 


New IT webshop

In April Aarhus University launched a new joint IT webshop. The new solution provides a better user experience and replaces the local IT web shops that were on different faculties:

Have correct project number and activity number ready when you order.

IT support

Campus helpdesk

Because of the Corona-situation we must limit the number of people that turn up physically at the Helpdesk - and only by appointment in advance with IT support. This applies to support requests as well as for picking up your purchased or repaired equipment.

As an alternative, use the service portal to create new IT cases or follow the progress of ongoing cases.

Use phone 87 15 40 10 for acute IT-emergencies.

Opening hours for showing up in the IT helpdesk and for calling can be found at the NAT-TECH IT website.

Onsite at Geoscience

Due to the Corona-situation we do not currently have regular onsite support. Physical onsite visits to Geoscience can be arranged individually with IT support. How fast you can acquire support depends on the specific problem.


Geoscience IT committee (including newsletters)

Geoscience IT webpages (including policy for using e-mail and calendar)

AU IT (general service and support pages, with contact-info)

Service portal (follow or comment on your IT cases)

Service information (messages about acute incidents or scheduled maintenance)

AU IT webshop (IT procurement, requires AU network)

AU IT security (including information about GDPR, phishing, data storage etc.)

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