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No. 2/2022 - April 2022

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This newsletter contains relevant information for all staff, for instance GDPR rules, IT security and IT procurement. Furthermore we use the newsletter to collect IT news or information regarding IT changes from AU, NAT-TECH IT, AU IT and other sources.

If you have information or IT tips which are relevant for future IT newsletters please contact Charlotte.

Microsoft Intune app

From Aarhus University 22 March 2022:

New security initiative – Install Intune Company Portal and retain access to your AU data 

To avoid being subjeceted to cyber criminality when accessing AU data we now introduce the 'Intune Company Portal' app. This is also to comply with the minimum technical requirements for government agencies and institutions. 

Please install the app on all mobile phones and tablets that you use to access work-related data such as Outlook and Teams (through apps as well as web browsers). This also applies for private devices if you use them in a work-related context. If you don't install the app you will not be able to access AU data from the mobile device.

Our question/answer section at the AU website has examples of what is covered by the term ‘AU data’.

Timeframe for installation is no later than 5 April 2022.

Exceptions from installation of the Intune Company Portal: A few select staff groups will not be required to install the app. As an example: Gardeners, cleaning staff, student helpers, external teachers and emeritus/emerita.

Security release for azure

Due to the situation in Ukraine, it has been decided by AU IT management that access to AZURE Management (Microsoft's Cloud Platform) has been closed for security reasons to both staff and students.

  • Access to AZURE for students will not be reopened, but work is underway to find another solution for students.
  • Access to AZURE for employees can be reopened by the individual by creating a case in our case management system https://support.au.dk


How fast can a password be hacked? Hive Systems has done the calculations.

A good password is a (long) combination of the following characters:

  • Numbers
  • Letters (capital and small)
  • Symbols

Apple upgrade

15 February AU warned against a security threat directly aimed at Apple products:

Aarhus University has been warned about a vulnerability in Apple products by DKCERT and the Centre for Cyber Security. All staff who use iPhones and/or iPads for work purposes should immediately update their software to the latest version, iOS 15.3.1. Staff need to update their Apple devices regardless of whether they are provided by AU or privately owned.

The It-department (AU IT) stresses that no breaches of AU’s network or systems have been identified. We are asking staff to update their devices immediately to prevent hackers from exploiting the vulnerability in Apple devices. To update Apple devices, go to Settings - General - Software Update. If the device has already been updated to iOS 15.3.1, you will see the information “Your software is up to date.”

Get more help here: Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple-support (EN)

IT Guides

Skype for business becomes Teams

Microsoft is phasing out Skype as a meeting platform, it will instead become part of Teams. For this reason, AU is shutting down access to Skype for Business and recommends using Teams instead.

Staff who already use Teams for calls and video conferencing will not be affected by the change.

Practical information:

When migrating from Skype to Teams:

  • The user name remains the same.
  • Staff who need to have online meetings with Skype users can use Teams instead: Skype users and Teams users can call eachother, regardsless of the system they use.

Move contacts to Teams:

Unfortunately it is not possible to automatically transfer contacts from Skype to Teams. Staff who need to transfer their contacts can follow this guideline.

Contact IT support if you have questions or problems arise during the transition.


Omnibus is the official newspaper for staff and students at Aarhus University. Omnibus publishes news and posts debate.

From the archive:

Next IT service window

During the weekend of 23 and 24 of April 2022 AU IT will take a large number of AU’s IT systems and possibly other services temporarily out of operation due to planned maintenance work.

Overall plan for the service work:

Upcoming service windows:

  • Next service window: The weekend of 10 and 11 of September 2022.

Future service windows in 2021-2026 can be found at https://serviceinfo.au.dk under Service windows.

AV equipment

Remember to report errors on audio or video equipment in the auditorium, meetingrooms or teaching facilities as soon as you experience them:

Always provide information as detailed as possible for the AV-support or IT support to resolve the issue as quickly as possible:

  • When was the error identified?
  • What happens - or what doesn't happen?
  • Location (building and room number)

For acute emergencies, e.g. related to teaching, the AV-supporter on call can be contacted.

Nat-Tech AV-on-call, Campus Aarhus:

  • Telephone 8715 0903 (will be answered Monday-Friday from 7.45 to 18.30)
  • Onsite service on weekdays from 9.00 to 16.00

Landlines are phased out

Landline telephony is being replaced by Teams, and unused landline numbers are closed. It is no longer an option to call internally using only 5 numbers in a phone number, you must add 871 at the beginning.

AU’s system for landline telephony is being replaced because the current platform, Avaya, is obsolete and can no longer be updated adequately. 

The current landline system is being replaced by Microsoft Teams, which many people at AU already use as a meeting platform. The platform can also support traditionaly telephony - socalled Teams Telephony.

Replacement of the landline system will impact staff who currently use a landline phone. Users will be transferred to Teams Telephony during the first six months of 2022, this will initially affect about 2700 phone numbers.

What's new in Teams Telephony:
ThroughTeams Telephony you can basically use your computer as you would use a landline. Staff will be able to keep the same number as their landline phone, and they will be able to receive calls and call both landline numbers and mobile numbers via their computer. Teams Telephony does not require you make video calls. 

Staff who want thier current landline number transferred can also use Teams Telephony on their mobile phones or tablets, if they download the Microsoft Teams app.  

Staff who currently have a landline number will be notified directly by e-mail and will be guided through what to do.

Advice and guidelines for Teams Telephony is available on this page. Staff who experience issues with Teams Telephony can also contact the local IT-support. 
Staff who do not currently have a landline number will also be given the option hof having a number conntected to their Teams account. More info on this will follow soon.

IT support

Campus helpdesk

Use the service portal to create new IT cases or follow the progress on ongoing cases.

Use phone 87 15 40 10 for acute IT-emergencies.

Opening hours for showing up in the IT helpdesk and for calling can be found at the NAT-TECH IT website.

Onsite at Geoscience

We do not currently have a dedicated IT supporter at Geoscience.


Geoscience IT committee (including newsletters)

Geoscience IT webpages (including policy for using e-mail and calendar)

AU IT (general service and support pages, with contact info)

Service portal (follow or comment on your IT cases)

Service information (messages about acute IT incidents or scheduled maintenance)

AU IT webshop (IT procurement, requires AU network)

AU IT security (including information about GDPR, phishing, data storage etc.)

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