Mail lists


Our mail lists are internal lists. To use them, you must be part of the AU mail/calendar system (Exchange / Outlook). The lists are available from  the global address list and characterized by starting with an "#".

To send a mail to a list:
In Outlook, go to "New Mail" - write "#GEO" – all Geoscience lists appear, and you just choose which one among the following lists you want to use:

  • VIP 
    #GEO VIP fast | #GEO VIP andet | #GEO VIP emeritus
    #GEO VIP alle (above tree lists together)
  • TAP
    #GEO TAP alle
  • PHD
    #GEO PHD alle
  • All Groups
    #GEO ansatte



Email distribution lists for students is for use only by

  • list members (the students listed)
  • all Geoscience staff members (who are listed as legal senders)

We have 3 lists: