The department guidelines on how to use e-mail and calendar in Outlook.

General advice regarding IT safety:

Always use the "safe mail" plugin to send sensitive personal data in e-mails "out of the house", e.g. outside Aarhus University. More info here.

Everyone needs to consider if retrieving a "privacy screen" for your computer monitor is necessary, in regards of the type of work you have. You can also request for non-transparent charteques for documents on your desk (please ask the secretariat). This way sensitive personal data information can not be read from the documents in your office.

When you leave your computer (even briefly) you should lock your monitor so nobody else can access open documents or your personal user profile. For Windows computers you can easily log off by pressing [WIN]+L on your keyboard.

Don't forget to turn off or restart your personal computer at least once per day. By doing so you keep your operating system optimized, also your antivirus application or other important software (that AU IT or ST IT deploys) will be kept updated.

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Guide for installation of Microsoft Office 365.

Guide to configure a new Windows computer.