Reservation of instruments and equipment

The following instruments/ equipment can be reserved in the Outlook calendar system:

  • G-858 magnetometer
  • G-856 magnetometer
  • Abem resistivity system with 10 og 40m wenner cables
  • ES3000, 12 TKO cable
  • Vib seis system, with various cable setup
  • Boomer system
  • Marine seismic system with airgun etc.
  • Trailer for seismic etc.
  • Trafic trailer
  • Inflatable boat with motor.


Reservation - how to:

  1. Choose new appointment
  2. In subject, write your purpose (optional)
  3. Choose invite attendees
  4. Choose open calendar
  5. In the box address book, choose all equipment
  6. In the left search box, write the name of the needed equipment
  7. A list will appear - choose the equipment and press Required.
  8. Finish your reservation as you would finish a meeting invitation.

You will receive an "auto reply", in which it will say which person to send an e-mail to, in order for the reservation to be activated.

See illustrated guide: illustreret vejledning (pdf-fil)