Common field equipment

For use in field trips, the department has the following equipment:

  • 13 spades
  • 15 pickaxes
  • 4 shovels
  • 4 red security helmets

In addition, there are a number of small boxes with standard field equipment:

  • Knife | compass | hand level | level plane plate | pen | pencil | eraser (with 3 pins) | 25 fabric sticks | short measuring tape (3 m) | long measuring tape (25 m) | spoon | ruler (for photo documentation) | small blackboard for markup)

There is a small quantity of A3 writing pads. Small bottles of 10% HCl are made as needed. Sample bags (either large bags with cable ties or smaller ones with "zip closure") can be provided.

Everything is locked in to prevent it from disappearing. You can borrow equipment by contacting Charlotte (
For long-term projects (or teaching periods where multiple courses are expected to use equipment at the same time), please book your equipment well in advance!
When booking, it is agreed when the delivery is expected to take place.

Equipment must be returned to Charlotte. Please return as agreed. Always in dry and clean condition.
If any items have been broken or lost, please let us know, so we can rectify errors and shortcomings.
If you have other equipment that you would like to be part of the common pool, please contact Charlotte (