Mail & shipments

AU Internal mail

Collection / delivery of internal AU mail: Monday to Friday about 9.30 in room 1672-129.
Internal mail out of the house is placed in the room "AU mail out".
Internal mail to the department is placed in the room "AU mail in", from where it is distributed in the mail racks.

AU mail and shipments

Mail & shipments

Mail IN

All letters and small packages delivered to the department are distributed in the mails racks in room 1672-129.
Larger packages delivered to the department are placed  on the table or on the floor in room 1672-129 and can be picked up there.

Mail OUT

Letters and small packages to be sent can be placed in room 1672-129 in the room "Post box / post office". It is picked up by AU internal mail, who arranges for further processing. Franking is not necessary.
Larger packages are placed on the pull-out shelf or on the floor with a message to AU Internal Post.


The employee in need of transport contacts the transport company to plan pick up of the shipment. It is IMPORTANT to provide your own (or a colleague's) telephone number so that the carrier has a contact person on arrival. Otherwise there is a risk that he will leave without the shipment. If you can not be present at the agreed time, you must make an appointment with one of your closest colleagues. Give the person a clear message about the approximate time of collection.

Per Trinhammer has made a letter with contact information of various freight companies as well as a guide on how to prepare a carnet.

Receiving goods

When expecting arrival of a larger shipment, it is important to provide the carrier with a phone number. If someone else is to receive the shipment, that person also needs to be told, what to do with the goods; where to place them and how to handle them.

Please note that goods may be placed in the marked area in building 1674 next to the goods delivery door ("Vareindlevering"). They must be removed from the area on the same day to give room for the next delivery.

Courier transport

Blue Water Shipping

AU entered an agreement with Blue Water Shipping regarding courier transport of shipments within the weight range from 0 to 50 kg. The agreement runs until 7 February 2023.

Our contact persons at BWS are Emil Kjær og Jesper Brøndsholm

Contact informatiob BWS:
phone.: +45 7913 4838 (Emil) / +45 7913 4843 (Jesper)

Read more about the agreement with BWS

Online booking with BWS

It is possible to get a login for the BWS online booking system by contacting

Susanne in the secretariat can help with booking shipments with BWS.
Leave your package in the mail room 1672-129 and send Susanne an Email with the following information:

  • Delivery address
  • Contact person at delivery address
  • Phone number for contact person
  • Email address for contact person
  • Weight of package (there is a scale in 1672-129)
  • Dimensions of the package (length*width*height)
  • Contents (e.g. rock samples)
  • Origin of contents (e.g. Denmark)
  • Project- and activity number which will pay the freight costs

AU does not have an agreement for shipments over 50 kg. If you need help with a larger shipment, please contact Susanne Weis Fogh or Per Trinhammer.