At AU, the aim is for as many purchases as possible to be made through e-commerce. That is why we regularly send employees on courses in the use of the e-commerce module in IndFak.

When you need to buy something, you should always contact an e-retailer. You can also ask the department's procurement coordinator for advice or contact AU Procurement.

If you need help making a tender, you can contact AU Procurement.

Procurement at Geoscience

All Danish uppliers must send electronic invoices with the following information:

  • AU's CVR no.: 31119103
  • Geoscience EAN no.: 5798000420014
  • Project and activity number paying for the purchase
  • Name of purchaser
  • Aarhus University must be named receiver on the invoice

Procurement coordinator

Susanne Weis Fogh
+45 2074 5179

E-commerce buyers

Birte Lindahl Eriksen
+45 5144 4955

Christof Pearce
+45 9350 8915

Gry Hoffmann Barfod
+45 2382 3093
Henrieka Detlef

Rasmus Andreasen
+45 9350 8497

Rikke Brok Jensen
+45 9350 8479

Trine Ravn-Jonsen
+45 9350 8012