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Mail and Shipments


  • Incoming mail
    External or internal mail delivered to Geoscience: Distributed in the mail racks in room 1672-135 (copy/pring room)
    Packages delivered to the secretariat: To be picked up from room 1672-135.
  • Outgoing mail
    Letters/packages to be sent outside the university: Put them on the shelf  “POSTKASSE/POSTHUS” - no stamps!  
    The internal AU mail service will pick up and arrange further processing.
    Internal mail to other parts of AU: Put it on the shelf: AU POST UD.
  • AU Internal Mail Service
    Approximate hours for pick up and delivery at Geoscience: Monday-Friday: 9:30 a.m.
    Internal mail service at Geoscience  (pdf)


What to do in connection with large shipments

  • Sending Contact the shipping/transport company and arrange a time to pick up your goods.
    IMPORTANT: Give up a phone number where you or a colleague can be reached when the carrier arrives. If a colleague takes over, mind you inform him/her of expected time for pickup.
  • Receiving
    When expecting delivery of large shipments you may have ordered, it is also very IMPORTANT to give up a phone number, and in case another person is ready to receive the goods, mind that he/she is informed about what to do  with the goods. And is anyone present who can handle heavy goods?
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