Departmental Forum

The Departmental Forum is an advisory body for the head of department. The Departmental Forum consists of the head of department and representatives elected among the department's academic staff, including PhD student, the department's technical/administrative staff and the department's students. The members are elected for a period of two years.  

There are seven members in the departmental forum, which, in addition to the head of department, consists of two academic staff, two technical/administrative staff, 1 PhD student and one student. The election period is 1 September 2021 until 31 August 2023.

Members of the Departmental Forum:

  • Jan Piotrowski, Head of Department

Academic staff

  • Christof Pearce (chairman)
  • Søren Bom Nielsen (vice chairman)

Technical/administrative staff  

  • Christian Lundager Nedergaard

PhD student

  • Mathias Busk Dahl    


  • Thea Bonnemann