Holiday and absence


  • Rules and registration 
    Information about i.a. the Danish holiday rules and registration
  • Registration of your holidays
    Once a year you are asked to fill in a form with your planned holiday periods. Otherwise your ordinary holidasys will be registered as standard i.e.
    - 4 weeks in July - ordinary holidays
    - 1 week at Christmas/New Year - ordinary holidays
    - 2 days in autumn, week 42 - special holidays
    - 3 days before Easter - special holidays
  • Vacation overview
    On "" you find an overview of your registered or remaining holidays,

Illness and other absence

  • Sudden illness
    Inform the secretariat and your leader by mail or phone.
    When back, send an email to the secretariat ( informing start end end dates of your illness period.
  • Long lasting illness/absence
    see: Information about rules in relation to sickness or leave
  • Doctor visits
    Time off with pay for doctor visit/treatment prescribed by a doctor can be agreed with your nearest leader, if it cannot be arranged outside working hours.