Student assistant

The appointment of student assistants must comply with the rules set out in the Procedure for new hires.

Student assistants, instructors, student counselors and mentors are hourly-paid.

To be paid, the student must complete a time registration form (Excel file).
The completed form must be sent to the secretariat, with CC to the responsible VIP/TAP. If the work is carried out in any of the  Geoscience laboratories, Charlotte must also be CCed. Student assistants working for the HGG must send their completed form to Jesper Bjergsted Pedersen.

The responsible VIP/TAP is responsible for ensuring that the student assistant has the correct project- and activity number for the form.

The form must be sent to the secretariat immediately after the performance of the work, unless otherwise agreed.

Pay will be paid the 1st or 15th each month. During holiday periods, delays may occur.