Procedure when hiring

There are many things to keep in mind when hiring a new employee or having a guest


Make sure to inform the secretariat well in advance. A person may not start working until they are registered in the Employee Master Card (MSK).

  1. All appointments must be approved by the head of department. An e-mail must be made to which the head of department corresponds OK. This e-mail must contain information about the type of position as well as the start and end date of the employment.
    The e-mail with OK must be jourmalized in WorkZone and therefore sent to the secretariat.
  2. All appointments must be reported to the secretariat. When hiring for a TAP position without advertising, the secretariat must also have the candidate's CV. New employees must either be entered directly into MSK (applies to TAP positions without advertising) or they must be entered into Emply Hire (e-recruitment system).
    • All TAP employment over one year duration must be entered into Emply Hire.
      • TAP-recruitment takes 3 months from advertising
    • All VIP employment (scientific assistant, assistant professor, associate professor and professor) must be assessed and must be in Emply Hire regardles of the duration of the employment.
      Excluded are extensions of VIP positions where no re-evaluation is required.
      • VIP recruitment takes 6 months from advertising (both permanent and temporary positions.
      • Postdoc recruitment process takes 3 months from advertising.
  3. Once the candidate has been chosen, the secretariat will need the following information:
    • First names
    • Last name
    • CPR-number
    • e-mail address
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Job category (e.g. guest PhD, guest professor etc.)
    • Hourly average per week
    • Project- and activity number
  4. The secretariat will assign office space (applies to buildings 1670-1675)

  5. When the guest arrives, keys, access cards etc. can be picked up in the secretariat.

Please use the checklist when hiring.

Student assistants

Please note that you can NOT hire student assistants yourself, but must use the institute's pool of student assistants. If this pool does not meet your needs, then the above hiring procedure must be used.

If a student assistant has been hired in a fixed-term position without notice, and if the employment is to be extended, the position must be looked up as a permanent position.
For student assistants employed in a permanent position, the position ceases upon the attainment of a master's degree (up to a maximum of 7 years).

Read more about registration of work hours and salary.

Instructors, student counselors and mentors

Instructors, student study counselors and mentors may NOT work until they have the contract from HR. Therefore, you must inform HR and the secretariat well in advance (at least 6 working weeks before they start) if they are needed for the upcoming semester start.
Instructors, student counselors and mentors are paid by the hour. Salaries of instructors, student counselors and mentors follow the same procedure as salaries of student assistants, see the menu item Student assistance.