Here you can find information about travel and settlement. If you do not find the answers to your questions here, you can contact the secretariat.

Travel booking

According to AU's travel policy, when making travel bookings, you can choose

  • either to book the trip directly with the transport company (plane, train, bus, etc.)
  • or leave it to the travel agency with which AU has an agreement, currently CWT.

You may not book your trip through a travel agency other than the one with which AU has made an agreement - this goes for online agencies as well.

All rules
must be observed with respect to

  • that you should always choose the cheapest possible trip -
    and if you do not
  • you must be able to justify the chosen solution.

In addition, it is important that all travelers

  • keep immediate colleagues informed of travel plans and
  • register the trip in the Outlook calendar

The latter is solely for the sake of force majeure (terrorist acts, earthquakes, etc.), where Aarhus University must be able to inform the authorities whether we have employees at affected destinations.

AU's travel policy

AU's page about travel booking

Access to CWT portal

CWT fees (in Danish)

Travel by train

Hotel booking

REMEMBER that 'Aarhus University' must appear on the invoice from the hotel to obtain a VAT deduction.

REMEMBER that the price per night must follow the rules for Hotel Disposition Amount (in Danish).

Bonus points earned in connection with business trips may only be used for future business trips.

Passport and visa

If you need help regarding passports and visas, you can contact the travel group at AU via

Read more on AU's page about Passport and visa rules

Travel insurance

REMEMBER to familiarize yourself with the rules of travel insurance before you travel.

You will find all needed information on AU's page about Travel insurance.

Credit card and settlements

All paid employees at the Department of Geoscience will be given an AU credit card, which may be used for work-related purchases.

AU's credit card policy

Travel and expense settlements for purchases made with AU credit cards are done in the system RejsUd.
Settlements should be done within 14 days of purchase.
If settlement is not done within 6 months, it will lead to payroll deductions.

RejsUd user access

RejsUd login/ guidelines/ help

Statement of truth (if you lost your receipt)

Courses in AU's finance systems (e.g. RejsUd)


If you have incurred expenses that can be reimbursed in full or in part by others than AU, there are different ways to handle this.

Read more on AU's page about Reimbursements and out-of-pocket expenses

Hourly and daily allowances

Only employees on so-called "normal terms" are entitled to hourly/ daily allowances under the Business Travel Agreement.

The following groups do NOT have the same entitlement:

  • PhD student - throughout the study
  • Students on temporary contracts
  • Emeritus
  • Guests
  • People doing volunteer work

but they can have documented expenses covered up to the hourly allowance amount in connection with travel made as a collaboration with AU.
Exception: If PhD students are specifically assigned an assignment where travel is made according to the hourly and daily allowances.

ALWAYS REMEMBER to agree with your grant holder how to cover your expences before you leave.

Be aware that the rates are different depending on where you are traveling to.
See the latest rates for official travel (in Danish).

Contact the secretariat if you have any questions or if you, as a PhD student, have to travel at the department's expense.

Read more on AU's page about Hourly and daily allowances.

Get help from the Travel Group at AU.